10 Ways to Welcome Spring in your Homeschool and Life

The first day of spring only comes once a year. By the time that day arrives, you are probably happy to see it. Longer days, blooming flowers and warmer weather sparks a renewed energy and motivation for change in our homeschool and our lives. Show your appreciation for the arrival of spring with these manageable ways to welcome the change of season in your homeschool and life.

1) Make Plans for the New School Year
You are probably wondering, “where in the world did the school year go?” Well, the current one is still here, but it is already time to start thinking about the next school year. Decide what curriculum is and is not working and do not be afraid to make changes. If it is working, keep it! If not, sell what isn’t working and start looking for new options. Inventory what you have to see what you need before returning in the fall. Gather the books you are no longer using and sell them, so you will have money to make new curriculum purchases.

2) Decide What Must Get Done
Lesson plans help you make it through the day-to-day and week-to-week in your10 Ways to Welcome Spring in your Homeschool and Life school. Have your children kept up with their school work? Are they where you planned for them to be on the first day of spring? Check and see how much work needs to be completed to finish your school year as planned. Summer school may be necessary, and that is all right. Make new lesson plans that help your children finish their work for the year at a pace that is manageable for them.

3) Take Field Trips
If you spent the last few months trapped indoors, because of the weather, “get out of the house” and take a field trip. With the end of school nearing, time is valuable. Make the field trip worth the time you spend away from home. Tie it to a subject or topic you are currently studying. Take in some theatre and see a theatrical presentation of a book your child has read. Visit a historic location mentioned in their history book. Science can take on many forms with a visit to the zoo learning about the different animals or a day at the beach searching for seashells and learning about sea creatures.

4) Plan Your Summer Vacation
Now that spring has arrived, you know summer is not too far away. That means summer vacation. Come together as a family to decide where you want to go. Choose a local destination or be adventurous and travel far. Be sure to decide when you will start your next school year, so you will return in time. Include one week or two of relaxed time at home after your vacation, so everyone will be well rested and ready to begin.

5) Cancel School for One Day
If a week for spring break is too much time to take off from school, at least take one day off. Cancel school on the first day of spring or another day of your choosing. Give your children and yourself permission to enjoy the day in any manner they prefer. If they ask to use electronics all day long, say “yes!”

1) Get into the Word

Time spent in the Word can be a comforting experience. Let God direct all of the seasons in your life by spending time with Him every day. There are so many options now for reading the Bible that make it easy. Whether you prefer turning the pages in a physical Bible or scrolling through your screen using an app, make time to get into the Word.

2) Take a Bubble Bath
How many times have you done self-care this school year? The answer is probably not as many times as you deserved. If you have made it this far into the school year, you definitely deserve a special evening for yourself. Relax, draw a bath and enjoy a quiet and bubbly (bath) evening by yourself.

10 Ways to Welcome Spring in your Homeschool and Life3) Do Something New (or Old)
It is a new season, so do something new in your life or revisit past interests. Learn a foreign language or how to play an instrument. Take an art class or study photography. Experiment with new recipes or create your own. Handwrite a letter, or get domestic and bake some cookies or finally finish an old sewing project. Yes, homeschoolers do have other interests. What are yours?

4) Get Moving
Forget the beach body. Work on having a healthy body. Physical activity is not only good for your children, but also for you. You can join a gym for access to equipment and exercise classes. A more affordable route may be to take advantage of the warmer weather by walking, running or riding that bike that has been stuffed in the back of your garage. While you are at it, pull out that gardening equipment, go buy some seeds and plant a vegetable garden.

5) Start Saving Money
Was saving money one of your New Year’s resolutions? How is that going so far? If you hit a bump in the road, start saving again now. If you need motivation, save for new curricula, your summer vacation or a “rainy day”, which every homeschooler has at some point during the school year.

Welcome spring! What plans do you have for your homeschool and life this season?

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