Tennessee Scholars

We are proud to announce our 12 Tennessee Scholars for the 2014/15 school year.  Recipients will receive a special TN Scholars seal on their diploma and it will also be noted on their transcripts.

Emma Suzanne Perry
Halee Correia Henson
Justin W. Jeter
Anna Elisabeth Cole
Travis Devin Keeling
Jordan Nicole Moskwiak
Noeliz Vega
Jordan Lynde
Carina Anderson
Merritt Dowdy
Destiny Shaianne Gabriel
Brandon Weber

The benefits for graduating as a Tennessee Scholar are full tuition to any Tennessee College of Applied Technology and scholarships to many two year and four Tennessee post-secondary schools. The Tennessee Scholars curriculum gives students the greatest number of options to pursue academic excellence, to enter post-secondary education, the military, or the workforce. It guarantees increased job potential, recognition, and rewards.

Ronald Reagan Student Leader Award

This program offers school administrators an opportunity to recognize outstanding students whose successes as leaders, citizens, and scholars exemplify the legacy of our 40th President. We are proud to offer our assistance in identifying, cultivating, and supporting outstanding young leaders, and have selected the four outstanding students to represent HomeLife Academy. They will receive a nice recognition certificate and a beautiful medallion. This award enhances any student portfolio and increases scholarship opportunities.

Congratulations to the following students:

Destiny Shaianne Gabriel
Halee Correia Henson
Justin W. Jeter
Alathea Sellars