6 things to do before you decide to homeschool

Homeschooling can cause a major shift in your life. It is not a quick decision anyone should make. If you are considering homeschooling, these are some tips to help you decide if home education is a good option for your family.

Know Why You are Considering Homeschooling
Although anyone can homeschool, homeschooling is not for everyone. People choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons. Some see it as a quick fix for an immediate problem. Others see it as a plan that is just right, for now. And others see it as a long-term commitment through high school graduation. All are legitimate reasons to homeschool. Knowing your reason for homeschooling will help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing curricula, how you incorporate homeschooling into your family life and the amount and type of support you will need.

Ask the Dumb Questions
What may seem like a dumb question to you may not be as “dumb” as you think. More than likely, it is a question that every other new homeschooler asked when they began their homeschool journey. Something to remember is that, at one time, every homeschooler you will ever meet was a new homeschooler too. They probably asked the same “dumb” questions. Getting answers to your questions is another way to help you decide if homeschooling is right for your family. If you do decide to homeschool, get used to asking questions and being asked questions. Asking questions is how your child (and you) will learn. No question is a dumb question, we promise

Read, Read and Read Some More
There are several books available that discuss homeschooling, which can give you a great introduction to the idea. There are also thousands of homeschoolers who blog about homeschooling. Reading blogs about homeschooling can become overwhelming. The best suggestion to help you filter what you should read is to find bloggers with similar lifestyles and experiences as yours. With that connection, you can also find people who homeschool the way you may want your school to look. Keep in mind, although no homeschool is alike, another’s style can give you a foundation for your homeschool.

Find a Mentor
Homeschooling has been legal for almost 40 years. That means veteran homeschoolers are out there and can help you. Homeschooling has evolved over the years, but the many aspects have remained the same. One being, providing your child with the best education you can. Homeschoolers are a supportive community and many individuals would be happy to step in as a mentor. Along with helping you get off on the right start, a mentor can provide support along the way. You can be inspired by their successes and learn from their mistakes.

Spend a Day in the Life
One way for you to better understand life as a homeschooler is to experience it. If your mentor is currently homeschooling, ask to attend school one day. If the opportunity exists, visit with other homeschoolers. As previously noted, each homeschool will look differently. Seeing homeschooling in action, with the good and maybe some bad, could help with your decision.

Pray for It All to Come Together
Homeschooling is not easy, but it is something you can do successfully. Pray for all of the above to come together and ask God to lead. If homeschooling is His will for your family, He will place the right people {counselors link} and support you want to home educate your children. God will give you the courage and confidence you need when you get discouraged.

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