Preparing 8th Grade Students for High School

Concerning ALL students

  • Your student will receive one annual Transcript Review each year beginning in the spring of 9th grade continuing each year through graduation.
  • Every student should use a Planning Sheet and complete all 4 years.
  • FL college-bound students should use the FL Planning Sheet.
  • We suggest all students begin on the College4 Path as it is much easier to jump off this path at any time but more difficult to jump on midway through high school. However, other paths are available.


8th Grade Students

blue checkReview the high school information provided on the HLA website.

blue checkTalk with your student about any long term goals.

blue checkThis will help you determine which Goal-Based Path to use as a guide when planning for high school.

blue checkThen choose a path according to those long term goals.

blue checkIf you are unsure what path to use, we suggest following the College4 Path.

blue checkPrint and complete the appropriate High School Planning Sheet from our high school pages.

blue checkReview the Graduation Requirements.

blue checkConsider having your student take a career assessment.

blue checkFor additional suggestions on planning high school courses click here.