The following are a few exciting emails to our staff regarding new office space in Jackson, TN
On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 12:34 PM, David Parkerson wrote to the staff:

Dear Staff,

Ok, now this is amazing!! Two weeks ago we noticed this property (it needs a lot of work but boy what a deal!):

It looks like God is really working out the details. Not only is the property checking out so far but we are meeting the real estate agent, Chris, today about a temporary office solution until this house is renovated. So this is the plan if it all works out: Move the central records office to Jackson while keeping a remote office in Selmer for the awesome ladies who are working there. Don’t know the exact time frame; depends on this meeting today. But one really good thing is this move would also allow us to finally … go completely digital with the records!!!  YAY! In Christ, David

date Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 4:23 PM
subject Re: God providing office space, long term and short!!!

Dear Staff,

Yeah, and get this. Just got back from meeting the realtor about it and he thinks 40k is not an unfair offer! So it’s not a stretch to imagine a bank doing a partial construction/renovation loan product for us and we being able to really fix it up.

And here’s another cool story….. So we go look at the temp space to use as the house is renovated. It would work but not esp. pretty. It’s the first three pictures in the following album. So Ken calls this other guy about a space for $700/mo. Turns out… he’s… yep.. you guessed it! Registered with us!!!!   He said he’d take a short term lease with us just because of what we’re doing.

Message from David Parkerson:
Guess what…. We got this space!!! Dr. Sheets called back and said he moved us to first pick. They just transferred to us from Gateway two weeks ago!! Amazing God we serve!We can start moving in first week of September. In Christ, David
Here are some shots taken before the previous tenant moved out.