HomeLife Academy is proud to announce our partnership with A+ TutorSoft! A+ is offering an exclusive discount to HLA families for 10% off their products with the code HSA10 or you may qualify for their WE CARE program where you choose how much to pay. See below for more information.

Math can be an intimidating subject to teach to your children. You can oftentimes feel ill-prepared and unqualified to teach this subject. This is where A+ TutorSoft comes in. A+ is a multi-sensory interactive math curriculum. It does not matter if your child is a visual or auditory learner, they will be able to learn math and truly grasp the concepts.

A+ has a complete line of math products which include homeschool editions, school editions, full curriculum books and online mini courses. A+ prides itself on being “to-the-point” in its course content. The curriculum is designed to help homeschooling families as well as public and private school students and teachers.

Some of its products include placement tests to gauge what your child has truly grasped and what level they should be on, Family Math Packages which allow up to 10 students on the program and Multi-Sensory Interactive Math. If you are purchasing for a public or private school, it can provide you with a placement test and a plan to identify and close learning gaps as well as the Multi-Sensory Interactive Math curriculum.

Family Math Packages are $15/month and include up to 10 students and all grade levels (1st-6th, pre-algebra, algebra 1). The Single grade level is just $5/month for a grade level of your choice.

To purchase the Family Math Package, click here.
To purchase the Single Grade Level, click here.
If you want to try out the Family Math Package before purchasing, A+ offers a free 1-month trial that can be accessed here.

A+ TutorSoft is also dedicated to helping those families in need with its We Care initiative. A+ is fully aware of those families who are on a strict, tight budget and cannot simply afford all of the curricula that would be best for their family. The We Care program allows you to simply tell them how much you can pay.

A family in the We Care program receives a Family Math Package. This package includes video lessons, online worksheets and chapter tests, automatic grade reporting and much more. You can read more about the Family Math Package HERE.

A+ wants every homeschooling family to receive a math curriculum for a price they can afford. To apply for this initiative, complete the form and be sure to specify the price you are able to pay. You will be contacted within 24-hours.

To access the discount, go to aplustutorsoft.com and use code HSA10 for 10% off of your purchase. For more information, head over to our Special Discounts page.

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