This is a sweet story of how our God works.

Our journey into the homeschool movement began
in 1988 when my younger brother, Tyler, encountered difficulty in 4th
grade. Like many children, he was slapped with the label “learning
disabled” and segregated to "special needs" classes. After
three years of failed formulas and mounting frustrations he became suicidal.
As a last and desperate attempt, our parents decided, against the counselor's
advice, to try home education. Immediately, things changed for the better. "He
stood up," Mom would tell people. "I
told him he did not have to go back to school and he stood up."

Results came quickly for my brother. In one year
he caught up in most subjects, excelled in others. He became a genius
on the guitar, a master in art, and a whiz on the computer. He graduated
with pride, went to a top college in Orlando, and became a terrific web and
software developer. 

While Tyler was in high school, mom began working with
a large church-related school in Memphis as a guidance counselor. For
eight years, she advised and inspired many home educating families. Though
today she is with the Lord, her influence continues. She and dad inspired
me to go to college and study families and homeschooling. So I did, for
several years. After receiving my masters, I returned to Memphis and
the Lord led me to work with home educating families as well. It felt
so good following in my mother's footsteps. Suddenly, in 2003, we saw God fling open the doors for us to start HomeLife Academy. Every year for the first 8 years we gained over a thousand students. Now, here's the really sweet part. Tyler_parkerson

In 2009 my brother, Tyler, became part of the HomeLife Academy staff!!
Having been the catalyst for our entrance into the homeschool movement
Tyler now works full time for homeschoolers all over the country. And
we're very blessed to have him. His expertise in web development,
computer programming, and internet marketing has helped expand the
reach and ministry of HLA to thousands more across the country. We give
God the glory. And we give parents like you the Thanks for making HLA
what it is today. What an amazing adventure!