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HLA now accepts adult students ages 19 – 24 into our HLA-NEST Program.

  • Eligible adults age 19 – 24.
  • Please contact our office to obtain approval before applying.
  • We must have an official transcript from your previous school.
  • An HLA counselor will review your transcript to see what courses will be needed to graduate and to determine if you will be eligible for this program.
  • Upon approval, complete our online application.
  • If you still live at home with your parents, include them on your application.
  • If you no longer live with your parents, enter your own name and spouse’s name (if applicable) in the parent section.
  • Pay enrollment fees at the time of applying. Enrollment fees are separate from the fees required for the online courses.
  • All remaining courses needed to complete graduation requirements must be taken through HLA-Archway Online. (additional fees apply)
  • Choose between HLAssist, HLAssist+Tutor, or HLTeach.  Adult students are not eligible for the uTeach option.
  • HLA will not process your application until you have paid the Initial Access Fee for the online courses and completed registration with HLA.