Guidelines for College Applications

HLA students have attended colleges all over the U.S. Click here to see a list of some of the colleges where our students have been accepted.

Eight Mistakes Often Made by Homeschooling Parents of High School Students – by Bryan College – Patweso.

If your student lives in Tennessee or Florida, they may be eligible for state-funded scholarship programs. Click here for more information.    


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Follow these guidelines when completing paperwork and applications for college.

HLA should be listed as your school anytime the student is registering to take the ACT, SAT, CLT or PSAT. CEEB Code 431-423. HLA is located in Jackson, TN. *Attn: HLA Prep families list HLA Preparatory as your school and use CEEB Code 100-500. HLA Prep is located in Brevard County, FL. HLA Prep is for student athletes wishing to play sports in public school in Florida.”

List HLA as your high school on college applications, even if you have listed your student as homeschooled.

List Homeschool as your high school on the FAFSA Application.  (see below)

HLA can provide Recommendation Letters if needed for college applications.

HLA provides an official transcript to the college.  NOTE: The parent will NOT send any official records to the college. When requesting transcripts for a college, do one of the options below (not both):

  1. If the college wants the transcript uploaded digitally or if you are applying through Common Application:
    • Give the college or Common Application the name and e-mail address of our senior counselor, Diane Benson –
    • The college will e-mail her the link to upload the student’s official transcript.
  2. If the college wants the transcript mailed:
    • Log into the myHLA and use the Request Manager to request a transcript to be mailed directly from HLA to the college. For more details, visit our Requesting Documents page.
    • Please let us know if you have special instructions and if you want the Portfolio sent along with the transcript.

   Check the FAFSA website for important deadlines.

  • When completing the FAFSA application:
    • To avoid confusion on the FAFSA when confirming school status, select Home Schooled.
    • Even though HLA is a recognized non-public/private school and your student will have earned a high school diploma, HLA is not on the federal list.
    • Selecting High School diploma or listing HLA as your school could cause unnecessary delays.
  • When to apply: 
    • Seniors should apply as early as possible.
    • Registration opens on October 1.   
    • The sooner you apply the better.  It doesn’t matter if your student will actually qualify for financial aid or not, you still have to apply online.  
    • Many scholarships require the FAFSA to be submitted. 
    • You do not have to wait until you have filed taxes for the current year, as you will use last year’s tax information.  This gets your student in the system early for grants and scholarships that they may qualify for.