One Diploma … Multiple Paths of Study


With HLA’s Goal-Based Planning and multiple paths of study, each student can select the path that best fits their unique goals, talents, and passions. Refer to our High School Planning section for detailed information about each path. We also provide you with the planning tools needed to successfully and confidently design a high school plan based on each student’s need.

If you are unsure which path is the best fit for your student, a career assessment might be helpful. We also have options for special needs students.  If you need assistance, our counselors are available to help guide you along the way.

Graduation Deadline: HLA’s policy is that the student has until September 15 following their senior year to finish courses, complete reporting requirements, and request the diploma. Students who do not meet this deadline must re-enroll for the following year to be eligible for graduation.  Students who do not meet the Sept 15 deadline and do not re-enroll the following year to complete high school requirements may not be eligible for graduation or may be required to complete courses through our NEST Program. It is the parent’s responsibility to be sure that all FINAL grades and credits are reported and the diploma requested by September 15 of the final year with HomeLife Academy. HomeLife Academy does not guarantee a diploma if these deadlines are not met.


Early Graduation Qualifications:

Students planning to graduate before the age of 16 please note.

  • The student must have at least three (3) years of high school.  HLA does not offer a 2-year high school option.
  • Meet HLA’s minimum credit requirements for graduation.
  • Complete the Request for Early Graduation form and schedule a call with Diane Benson.
  • Students’ transcripts should show the 12th-grade year recorded. You can discuss this with the counselor.
  • NOTE: Students who reside in FL or AL are not eligible for graduation before age 16 (state regulation).





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Click here to see a Sample HLA Diploma and Diploma Cover.