Dual Enrollment (DE) Courses


High School students in 11th and 12th grades may be dual-enrolled at a local college/university at the same time as being enrolled with HLA.  If these students pass their college courses, they receive both college credit and high school credit for the course. HLA will accept any dual enrollment courses from any college or university. 

Important: Please be sure your student is ready for college-level courses. DE courses will appear on both the HLA transcript and the college transcript. If the student fails a course the F will be on their transcript. HLA will need a transcript or grade report from the college for grade reporting purposes. An unofficial transcript or scanned PDF copy from the college website is acceptable. You can email these to records@homelifeacademy.com or fax to (901) 384-0731.

When selecting a DE course for your student, it may be helpful to look up the student reviews for a particular professor or class using Rate my professors. Additionally, To find a credit equivalency chart/table for credits accepted between two schools: 1. In Google, enter each schools name and “Transfer Credit Equivalency” or 2. In a particular college’s search bar, enter “Transfer Credit Equivalency” then select the transferring school name. 3. Compare course titles. You can also try using APUS.edu or Collegetransfer.net.   


transparent-green-checkmark-hi  The student must be enrolled in the college taking either online or on-campus courses for the course to be considered Dual Enrollment (DE).

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  The student will receive college credit, as well as high school credit for each DE course.

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  Each 3 and 4 credit college course is equal to 1 high school credit.

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  Each 1 and 2 credit college course is equal to .5 high school credit.

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  HLA will accept any DE courses that are offered by the college.  

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  HLA will accept dual enrollment credits from any college.

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  HLA does not limit how many DE courses a student can take. This is up to the discretion of the parents and the student based on the student’s goals. However, the student must meet the qualifications as set by the college.

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  For information about how to report grades for DE courses, visit our Dual Enrollment Reporting page.

transparent-green-checkmark-hi  For information about the HOPE or Dual Enrollment Grant in TN, visit our TN Scholarship Programs page.


  • Only DE (Dual Enrollment) courses will have a separate grade and credit for the lab portion of the class.
  • A dual enrollment science courses will be worth 1 credit upon completion.


TN residents, visit TSAC and fill out your Dual Enrollment Grant Application.  Choose the college where your student will be taking the courses and the term. If you are not a TN or FL resident then continue to Step Two.


FL residents, in order to receive free dual enrollment (DE) courses, you must file a Notice of Intent with your local county.  When enrolled with the county, you will have to meet the requirements set forth by the BOE. Please check these requirements as they may vary by county. It is not necessary to tell them you are using HomeLife Academy (HLA). It can confuse their process. For all intents and purposes, you are “enrolled” with the county for compulsory attendance and eligible for free DE courses and therefore need to meet the requirements of the county and you are “registered” with HLA for record-keeping and support. If you are not a TN or FL resident then continue to Step Two.

Apply at the college where your student will be taking the courses. Fill out the school’s Dual Enrollment form and request a transcript to be sent to the college.

Register for classes at the college.  The college should contact you with any other requirements and should let you know when your student has been accepted and classes confirmed.

Each college has their own form for you to fill out. Contact the college for requirements such as ACT/SAT scores, applications, deadlines, etc. Upload the form to HLA (see below) so we can fill out and sign the Principal/Counselor section. Please plan ahead as this process can take several weeks.

  • Login to myHLA and select Dual Enrollment from the drop-down menu in the Request Manager.
  • Put the student’s name and any additional information regarding the request in the comment box.  Upload the form via the File Upload button in the request and then click Save.  We will return the form to the college (or parent) along with an official transcript.  Grades must to be up-to-date with no errors, so we can send a current transcript.
  • IMPORTANT: If we discover that corrections are needed, we will contact you by email and or phone. Please check email and voice messages regularly. If we can not reach you and corrections are not made within 30 days your request will be canceled.
  • HLA can provide Recommendation Letters for dual enrollment (if needed).

A RUSH fee of $15 can be paid to expedite this process. All rushes are processed within 3 business days and mailed Priority.

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Dual Enrollment Options You Might Want to Consider

  • Lumerit Unbound (Formerly CollegePlus) – (College: Reimagined)
  • Offers an innovative approach to earning your degree.
  • “Design your own degree. Graduate from the college of your choice. Discover a degree program custom built around your life.”
  • Read more about a personal experience with Lumerit (CollegePlus).


  • Bethel University 
  • Bethel University offers 100% online dual enrollment courses in a variety of subjects.
  • All courses from Bethel University’s program are eligible for Tennessee grant funding.
  • For more information contact:

Craig Lunn – Dual Enrollment Director

325 Cherry Avenue

McKenzie, Tn 38201



For more information about dual enrollment refer to the following resources or contact their Homeschool Specialist.

eBook Resource

Admissions Information

Pat Wesolowski, – Homeschool Specialist
721 Bryan Drive
Dayton, TN 37321

The University of Memphis Lambuth

  • For information contact:
  • Adam L. Johnson – Coordinator of Enrollment Services
    The University of Memphis Lambuth
    705 Lambuth Boulevard
    Jackson, TN 38301

UT Martin Dual Enrollment – UT Martin offers Performance-Based Scholarships

Jacquelyn Johnson, M.B.A. – Coordinator II, Dual Enrollment

Extended Campus and Online Studies
145 Gooch Hall
Martin, TN 38238

Waldorf College offers online classes and will work with students participating in the CollegePlus program.

Students have the ability to take college courses and earn college credit while still in high school by earning both high school and college credit for the same course. Take courses at the Dual Enrollment student discount rate and utilize the Dual Enrollment Grant to offset tuition cost. MTSU has 4 staff members in the Dual Enrollment office; including 2 advisors who can meet with students and parents to devise an academic plan. Students can take courses in four different ways:

  • At the Miller Education Center
  • On the MTSU campus
  • Online (available courses)
  • At partner high schools

Niki K. Morris, – Dual Enrollment
University College, MTSU
Box 54
1301 E. Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN  37132
Phone: 615-898-5246
Fax: 615-494-8777

Union University

      • Union University’s Rising Senior Program is designed for outstanding high school students who have completed their junior year and want to “try out” college. Offered during the month of June, this intensive summer program allows students the opportunity to earn up to 7 semester hours of college credit.  Read more about Union’s Rising Senior Program.
      • Homeschool Dual Enrollment for local students who would commute to Union University – Outstanding area home schooled students may be admitted to take a maximum of 12 credit hours during their junior and senior years of high school on a space available basis at a fraction of normal tuition costs. A personal conference with the Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions or Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions is required before the student is accepted for admission. A 20 ACT Composite, a 1020 SAT (combined Evidence-Based Reading, Writing, and Math) or a 940 SAT (combined Critical Reading and Math) is required.

Tad Wingo,  Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions
(731) 661-5005
Robbie Graves, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions
(731) 661-5590

Skyhawk Summer Academy!  This program is for anyone interested in the following areas–Small Animal or Large Animal Veterinary Science, Exotic Animals, Drone Technology, Farm Management. The program consists of online coursework over the Spring/Summer and a week on-campus at UT Martin. Anyone ages 15 and up can participate.