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Please make note of the following information:

LiKdrL7XTNon-college bound students can select ANY course from either column, based on long-term goals, but must meet minimum credit requirements for each area of study. Students following the LifeChoice and SE Modified Paths have the most flexibility.


LiKdrL7XTCollege-bound students should select from those courses listed in the College-Bound Column.


LiKdrL7XT    Check with prospective colleges concerning admissions requirements.


LiKdrL7XTIt is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the student takes the courses needed for admissions into the college or university of their choice.


LiKdrL7XT    We accept any Dual Enrollment (DE) course even if it is not listed below.


LiKdrL7XT    Other courses not listed below may be considered – contact a counselor for questions.


LiKdrL7XTIf a student takes additional courses in an area of study, beyond the number required, any additional courses will be used to satisfy the elective requirements.


LiKdrL7XT    For all electives, 150 hours of study equals 1 credit and 75 hours equals 0.5 credit. Refer to the High School Reporting page for more information about credits.


Traditional schooling is 180 days of 50-minute classes, which equals 150 hours per credit. Home education is, of course, more flexible.


  • Colleges expect college-bound students to have covered the following areas of study as part of the 4 years of high school English before graduating. (Literary Analysis/Survey of Literature, World Literature, American Literature, British Literature,  4 years of Composition).
  • English 9, 10, 11, and 12 includes the following components: Literature (Literary Analysis, World, American, British), Composition, plus any grammar or vocabulary that may be needed. 
  • These components (Literature, Composition, Grammar, Vocabulary) are combined into one course worth one credit per year.
  • No credit is given for the grammar and vocabulary components as they are considered part of the 1 credit course.
  • If you list Composition and Literature as separate English courses, each part will receive .5 credit equaling 1 credit combined.  For additional information on how to title English courses, click here
  • In order to receive additional English credits in a year, please show documentation (additional resources) that supports the additional credit. The additional credit will be used to satisfy elective requirements. 
  • Colleges may expect students to take English all 4 years of high school. Therefore, early credit is not permitted.

Some Colleges may require students to take math all 4 years of high school, even if a math was taken for high school credit in the 8th grade.


It is recommended that college-bounds students take 3 courses containing labs. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy and Physiology are all great lab sciences. No credit is given for the lab portion. Some colleges may require students to take 3 science credits during high school, even if a science was taken for high school credit in the 8th grade.

Students must take 1 US History credit + 2 additional Social Studies credits. Families living outside the US may do their country’s history.

Note: ***Required in Florida/Required by some colleges.


(150 hours minimum)

The following list is just a small sample of options that can be used for PE. If a student takes PE beyond the first credit, please use specific course titles such as Swimming, weightlifting, and etc. A student may spread the PE credit over several years or complete the full credit in one year.


Electives are those courses that are taken in addition to core courses that are already required. These are courses the student “ELECTS” to take that are NOT already required. Students are free to take any elective course that interests them. The list below is not exhaustive – Any course can be taken as an elective….even courses not listed on this page. Electives may also be selected from core courses above the minimum requirements.

Most colleges expect students to have some Foreign Language, Computer and Visual/Performing Arts.

Courses in the College-Bound Column are recommended for college bound students.
Six (6) or more elective credits are recommended for college admissions.