Goal-Based Planning for High School


HLA considers a student’s goals to be a very important factor when planning for high school and the future. Our Goal-Based Planning is designed for maximum flexibility when planning for high school and preparing for post-secondary goals. We feel the transcript tells the story of the student’s academic history.  The Portfolio tells the remaining story of the other activities outside of academics.

For students desiring to attend a four-year university or military academy, emphasize to your student the importance of taking “college prep” courses.  Place a strong emphasis on math and science.  A strong reading and writing base during the four years of high school English is also crucial.  Focus on developing his/her writing skills.  Plan to have a strong academic foundation. These students should also have their academics balanced with extracurricular activities. Here is a short video about finding that balance.

Student’s, whose goals involve the military, vocational school, entrepreneurship, workforce, ministry, etc., have the flexibility to build a transcript that will meet the student’s post-secondary needs and goals.  The transcript tells the details of the education.  With goal-based planning, you choose which science and math courses your student will need in order to be prepared for long-term goals.  For example, college-bound students will need the math and science courses required for college admissions.  Students who do not plan to attend college can choose other math and science courses that will best fit their interests and goals.  If your student is unsure what he/she wants to do upon graduation, a career assessment might be helpful. For those students needing additional time, HLA offers a 5th-year option (see details below).


Students who have not met graduation requirements are able to take an additional year (5th year) of high school. Students are taking 5 years to graduate instead of the traditional 4 years, for a variety of reasons:

  • Some students are just not ready to graduate after 4 years – they may have started Kindergarten early, skipped grades, or just want another year at home to grow and mature.
  • Others find that they need another year to finish their high school coursework and adequately prepare for college.
  • These students can spend another senior year taking dual enrollment courses along with their high school courses.
  • A student may repeat any high school grade level, but most complete two senior years.
  • To our knowledge, this has not affected any student’s ability to receive scholarships or college entrance – we have not received any negative comments whatsoever from parents, colleges, etc.
  • You only pay the Senior Fee once for that student.
  • Students can also graduate in December if an additional full year is not needed.


HLA offers 4 paths for your student to choose between when selecting a plan of study for high school. We also have a Certificate of Completion for special needs students.


Students planning to graduate in less than 4 years or before the age of 17 must have the following to be eligible for early graduation:
-At least three (3) years of high school completed
-ACT, SAT, or CLT scores submitted to HLA with scores that show readiness to graduate and validate the early graduation.
-Counselor approval prior to student’s final year
For counselor approval, please contact Karen.

NOTE: Modified Path is not eligible for early graduation.



Designed for those students wanting to attend a 4-year university.





Designed for those students wanting to attend a 2-year college, trade school or enlist military.





Designed for those students seeking to graduate with career/technical career plan or whose plans do not involve post-secondary education.



Designed for students seeking a standard diploma that includes modified high school coursework.



Designed for students seeking a Certificate of Completion.




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