Honors Programs


We have many programs for our high schooler students who are tomorrow’s leaders and volunteers. HLA counselors are available to help with the application process and recommendation letters that your student may need when applying for awards and honors programs. Contact Lani Carey for assistance. Here is a list of the programs available for HLA students. HOMELIFE ACADEMY NEEDS TO BE NOTIFIED IF YOU ARE APPLYING FOR THESE PROGRAMS IN CASE WE NEED TO ASSIST WITH SENDING RECOMMENDATION LETTERS, TRANSCRIPTS, OR ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS. See below for details of each. 

We now have a couple of options for our students who want to be in a Beta Club. They have approved us as a school and our homeschool chapters can name their own groups, but they must have “HomeLife Academy” or “HLA” as the first part of their name – they can name them HLA – Jackson group, for example. Your students will also be able to compete at the state conventions – 18 southern states have state conventions where they can compete. There are also jr. (gr. 4-8), and sr. (9-12), five students per division. For academic competitions at conventions, they break it down further. (4-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12). Please contact Lani Carey for a Beta Club starter kits brochure.

We will also have an HLA- National Jr. Club and HLA National -Sr. Club for all students but these students will not have local chapters. See below for the different requirements.

You will register your local club directly with the Beta Club, with HLA as your sponsor. The contact person is Kelli Gosnell should you have questions.

If you want a local club, then you (and other moms) will organize it and run it, with the Beta Club providing all the info, pins, etc. and you will send in dues directly to them. If you just want them to be a part of our National Beta Jr. or Sr. High Club, with no local chapter to participate in, then contact Lani Carey. You will pay these dues ($35) using the Pay Now button in your HLA account.

In order to receive an invitation to or maintain membership in the HLA Jr.and High School Beta Clubs, eligible 4th graders through seniors are required to maintain a minimum 3.85 GPA, attend mandatory monthly meetings, possess and demonstrate high moral character within the school and community, and commit to individual volunteerism and club projects in order to promote the Beta Club ideal of Ducamus aliis serviendo – Let us lead by serving others.

Specifically, prospective and current Beta Club members must meet the following requirements in order to receive an invitation or maintain membership within the organization:

  1. Members of established local HLA Beta Clubs:
    • Maintain a minimum 3.85 GPA
    • Must not miss more than three meetings throughout the year
    • Must demonstrate conduct becoming of a Beta
    • Complete a minimum of 25 hours of personal volunteer service each school year
    • Participate in at least two group projects throughout the year
  2. Members of HLA National Jr. or Sr. Clubs:
    • Maintain a minimum 3.85 GPA
    • Must demonstrate conduct becoming of a Beta
    • Complete a minimum of 50 hours of personal volunteer service each school year

Governor’s School

The Governor’s Schools will offer selected gifted and talented high school students intensive learning experiences in the Humanities, Math, Science, Arts, International Studies, Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, Prospective Teaching, Emerging Technologies, Engineering, Business and IT Leadership, Agricultural Sciences, Computational Physics, and Scientific Models and Data Analysis.

Students in the tenth and eleventh grades who would like to participate in a challenging and high- intensity program in one of the twelve areas should follow these steps:

  1. Obtain application(s) online.
  2. Request an Official Transcript sent to your home address, using the Request Manager in your HLA account. Request one for each of the Gov. schools your student is applying for and specify that it’s for Governor’s School.
  3. Follow these instructions concerning completing a request for a recommendation letter or recommendation form.
  4. Request the required number of recommendations from teachers.
  5. Fill out and assemble all documents in order.
  6. List HLA in the return address – the TN Gov. School
    approves of homeschool parents sending in the packets; however, we still recommend using HLA’s return address when mailing in the packet.
  7. Send the packet to the college by the deadline.
  8. Contact Lani Carey if you are interested in applying for Governor’s School and need more information.


National Society of High School Students is an honor society that recognizes top academic achievers from high schools around the world. Its mission is to recognize academic excellence among high school students and to encourage members to apply their unique talents, vision, and the potential for the betterment of themselves and the world. It costs $60 for a lifetime membership and looks good on a resume if you don’t have a homeschool honor society in your area. They also award scholarships.  In fact, one of our students won a $1000 scholarship for the 2016/2017 college year. For more information, you can to go to their website: http://www.nshss.org/.  Please email Lani Carey OR fill out the Application for Consideration if you want HLA to nominate your student.

If your students do lots of volunteer work, you may want to check into the President’s
Volunteer Service Award
. This awards program is for students who volunteer in their communities (or anywhere else). The recognition looks good on college applications, portfolios, and resumes. For more information on the program and to see a chart of the levels, visit President’s Volunteer Service Award. Go to the website to register.  It does ask for the ROS Key for your certifying organization, which is HomeLife Academy – ROS KeyYMM-1911

To be eligible, a student will complete requirements during the high school years.  Visit our TN Scholarship Programs page for more details. In a student’s senior year, they can apply on our Awards & Scholarships page to be a TN Scholar. The (80) volunteer hours during high school can also count for TN Promise.