Homeschooling Your 7th – 8th Grade Students

Preparing for High School

It is not uncommon to feel a new level of stress as you approach high school. The tools and other information in this section are provided to make your planning as easy and possible.

Stay calm and breath, HLA counselors are here to help. Each HLA counselors has graduated at least one child and most have graduated several children through homeschooling. We have a staff full of knowledge. Regardless of your student’s goals, we have a person on staff that can likely help you navigate the trail. You can put in a request for assistance from a counselor by using the Request Manger located in your HLA account, email a counselor directly, or call the main office and someone will direct you to the appropriate person depending on your needs.

Some students need more time to prepare for high school while some may be pushing ahead and ready to start earning high school credit early.  There is no rush and no need to panic.

NOTE: HLA does not provide a diploma upon completion of 8th grade. If requested there is a $10 fee.

 We are here to help navigate what may be a stressful time for you and your student.  Please click on the links below for more information.


7th Grade

This is a good time to switch to the letter grading system if you have not already done so. Students in 7th grade are putting the final layer on their educational foundation before beginning high school.  These students should be working towards strong Reading, Writing, and Math skills to be adequately prepared for high school level courses.  During the 7th grade year, you might want to begin looking at what lies ahead for high school.

8th Grade

This is a good time to review the information in the high school section of our website.  You will also want to review the 8th-grade checklist.  Discuss long term goals with your student so you can determine the best path to follow when planning for high school.  Print a high school planning sheet in accordance with the path of study that best fits your student’s goals and complete all 4 years of the form.  If your student is unsure what he/she wants to do after graduation, a career assessment might provide helpful information.  If your student is still unsure, we recommend following the College4 Path of study.



Sample Education Plan – Example 1

Jonathan – 7th

Science, Social Studies, Language Arts. Bible – My Father’s World

math – Teaching Textbooks

Boyscouts, 4H,

Sample Education Plan – Example 2

Sarah – 8th

Saxon Math – Algebra 1/2

Am History – Notgrass – America the Beautiful

Science – Bob Jones Univ. Press

Literature – Total Language Plus

Dance class

Piano Lessons