Homeschooling Your Special Needs Students 


Since HLA offers parents the freedom and flexibility to teach their children what they want, the way they want, parents often find HLA to be a good option for homeschooling their special needs child regardless if the need is due to high functioning learners or struggling learners. HLA believes every student is unique and has God-given talents and abilities that just need to be discovered and unlocked.

One of the beauties of homeschooling is that you, the parent, can tailor your homeschooling to fit the need of each individual child. As always HLA is very flexible and we want parents to have the freedom to do what works best for each child.



If your student had an IEP in school, no problem, every HLA student has a personalized course of study or individualized learning plan. We refer to this as the student’s Education Plan. Feel free to do what works best for your student. Purchase resources based on the level that is needed for the student to learn. If you need to count life skills or physical/speech therapy as part of their school, this if fine. If you are unsure what grade level to place your special needs child in, we recommend using the Special Education designation in place of a specific grade level.

High school age students who are not on a high school level in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic will be a likely candidate for the Modified Diploma. Certificates are ideal for those students who need to work on basic life skills. If your student would not be aware of the difference between a diploma and a certificate of completion, then your student is a likely candidate for the Certificate.






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