After three years of dreaming and ten months of building (and redesigning, and rebuilding) we now have our very own grade reporting system built right into our Member Login area. Combining the best in web development and internet security, Applecore raises the bar on ease of use. We are honored that you trust us with the privilege of maintaining your homeschooling records.  We are committed to continually improving our service to you and your family.

Applecore is an ongoing project that we will continue to improve and customize based on feedback from our family and friends. The initial response during our beta testing the last couple of weeks has been terrific! Here’s what some of our families have to say….

Used Applecore today….LOVE IT.  Since my sons are special needs it is great to have some choices in grade usage and I like the preset categories!  –Sent from my Kindle Fire

It looks wonderful! Great job guys!! – Sent from my Verizon Wireless smartphone


Dates for reporting grades are January 15th and June 15th of each school year.  Grades must be entered for every school year before a family is able to re-enroll. The new system is being developed that  will prompt families to report grades before completing re-enrollment. This is one of the huge advantages to having our own system. Applecore is super easy to use! To report grades, go to the Member Login.


We extended the development time into the Spring of 2012  because we wanted to widen the circle of collaboration and see what other ideas might spring up. Once we brought in more staff,  new ideas poured forth, as did the solutions to organizing the system and making it more user friendly. We quickly recognized the need to take our time and make absolutely sure the foundation was solid, both for the database management/security (for there are already thousands of records entered) and the design. Think of it like building a house.


Building a new website with data management is much like building a house. First up – the blueprint – the map of what we are building and the guide for the builders. We drew a blueprint for Applecore before we began building and changed it several time. Next comes the foundation and basic structure. This is the part that cannot really change much. This is the part that we now have in place with Applecore. Finally, there are all the rooms and additions. These are the parts of the house that can change. We can add rooms, windows, sky-lights, etc., to the Applecore house as much as we’d like. This is where our families come in. Because of the way Applecore’s foundation and basic structure is built, there is virtually no limit to the customization and features we can add. Together, Applecore is going to become a very fine house indeed. Already, we’re off to a terrific start!


To view a slide show of our future updates click here.


 For more information please check out the Applecore FAQs, located here.