Tennessee High School seniors are eligible for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, which offers two years of free tuition at any community college or college of applied technology in the state.

There are few requirements to be eligible for this program, but the first requirement is that you MUST apply for the program by November 1.

If you have a high school senior graduating this year, visit HERE to apply today.

We are encouraging all high school seniors to apply, regardless of their post-secondary plans. This (November 1st deadline) is a hard deadline, and we do not want anyone to potentially miss out on this program. We know that plans change sometimes. A student who did not originally plan to attend college may change his mind, or a student who was set on a certain university may decide to stay close to home for a year or two. This is a wonderful opportunity that we want all of our students to have available as an option. Please take a few minutes to fill out the easy application now.

Once you have completed the application, there are just a few more things your student will need to do in order to be eligible to receive these funds.

  • By February 15, file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Visit between January 1 and the February 15 deadline to do so.
  • By March 1 and May 31, attend mandatory meetings. These will be coordinated by a partnering organization (either tnAchieves, The Ayers Foundation, or REDI depending on your location). You will be notified by the organization about these meetings, which will be held at local high schools.
  • During the summer before beginning college, your student will need to complete 8 hours of community service. Additionally, 8 hours of service must be completed for each college semester that TN Promise funds are received.
  • In the spring, apply to and register for classes at an eligible school. Some organizations may ask students to do so by February 15. After a student enrolls, scholarship funds will be paid directly to the school.

For more information or to identify your local partnering organization, visit