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Please refer to the following information regarding the myAssist option of Archway. Remember that you must be an ACTIVE HomeLife Academy family in good standing to remain enrolled in Archway classes.

Please refer to the new grade reporting policy below.

IMPORTANT: The passing level for lessons, quizzes, and tests are set as follows:  Two attempts will be given on quizzes to reach a minimum score of 80. One attempt will be given on unit tests to reach a passing score of 70 or above. If a unit test is failed, some courses offer an alternate test if approved by the teacher. For students desiring to make an A in their courses, these settings are necessary. This will allow students an opportunity to make an A on lessons and be better prepared for quizzes and exams. If you desire to have your settings adjusted, please contact Tom@homelifeacademy.com. He will be happy to make the adjustment for you.


Course progress (lessons, quizzes, tests, or units) may be blocked for the following reasons:

  • Low grades on previous lessons, quizzes, or unit tests.  
  • Assignments need to be graded. Please give teachers time to review and grade assignments.
  • If the student is not passing the assignments, the teacher may not grant the student access to future assignments until previous lessons or quizzes have been repeated and brought up to a satisfactory grade.
  • If your student gets behind in the courses and tries to complete multiple assignments in a short amount of time to catch up, please allow plenty of time for the teacher to grade those assignments. The student can work on other courses until the teacher is able to review your student’s work.


For students needing additional time after a course ends, we can extend courses up to one additional month (4 weeks) per semester.

  • There will be a $100/student fee for each extension.
  • Students must be close to completing the course to be eligible for an extension.
  • No courses may extend beyond July 1.
  • Any remaining course work after June 30 will require enrollment for the new school year to continue. 

Students who need to carry courses over into the next school year may do so. To be eligible students must:

  • Be in good standing with HLA
  • Re-enroll with HLA for the new school year
  • Pay the Archway Initial Access fee for the new school year plus the monthly subscription.


Archway is responsible for the following:

  • Grading and unlocking assignments, quizzes, exams. 
  • Communicating with students through the internal messaging system – email responses may take up to 24 hours.
  • Blocking student progress if the student is not doing well and needs to redo any assignments.
  • Answering basic questions about lessons via the messaging system.
  • Contacting parents with concerns/issues about student performance/effort as needed.
  • Entering Archway grades in Applecore once courses have ended. 
  • If there is a grade/credit in Applecore that does not agree with course progress in Archway, counselors will make corrections as needed to ensure there are no reporting errors.


  • Parents will report grades in Applecore (January and June) for any courses completed OUTSIDE of Archway. See below about reporting credits for high school students.
  • Parents are expected to uphold HLA’s Code of Ethics as agreed upon at the time of enrolling in HLA.
  • Parents should monitor student grades and progress.
  • When homeschooling, the parent is the official teacher. Parents are responsible for assisting the student with difficult concepts. Weekly tutoring or MyPath is available for some courses at an additional fee.
  • Parents should ensure the student is doing daily assignments, making satisfactory grades, and staying on target for completion.
  • Reading emails concerning Archway and your student’s performance.
  • Maintaining open communication with Archway Administrators and counselors.
  • Making monthly payments on time: student access will be blocked if payments are not made on time. The student may be dismissed from Archway if this problem persists.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to notify Archway to cancel your subscription when the courses are completed or if your student withdraws from HLA and the Archway program. 
  • Please be aware of your student’s end of course date. Students should have at least 50% of the course completed midway through the course if they are staying on pace. You can monitor your student’s grades and percent completion throughout the course by logging into your parent portal.
  • NOTE: If your student drops a course in Archway you must update Applecore with your new course information and textbooks. Otherwise, we will issue the Overall Grade for the Archway course.
  • Students are expected to uphold HLA’s Code of Ethics when using the curriculum as agreed upon at the time of enrolling in HLA.
  • Students should stay on pace and complete daily assignments on time.
  • Students should be working at least four hours per day on assignments. Students should expect to spend approximately 45 minutes/day on each course, or longer if working on a block schedule.
  • Students should spend time reading the lessons and doing the assignments in order to get a good grade on the first lesson attempt.
  • Students who spend little time on the first attempt and guess on the next attempts will lose the privilege of having multiple attempts.
  • Students should stay on pace with their assignment calendar and spend adequate time on assignments and quizzes. 
  • Students use the internal messaging system to contact their teacher. Please allow 12-24 hours for teacher response time.
  • Students should complete a minimum of 1 project per unit. Students may contact their teacher if they want to do additional projects.  Special projects are also available for extra credit upon request.

Archway Counselors will enter grades for all Archway courses as they are completed. Courses not completed on time will receive a grade based on the course Relative Grade (includes zeros for unfinished lessons that should have been completed).

HLA/Archway grade scale is as follows: 100 – 94 = A; 93 – 86 = B; 85 – 77 = C; 76 – 70 = D 69 and below = F.

In the case of expired courses, a student may request an extension to finish. Please notify an Archway counselor as soon as possible if your student wants to drop a course. If your student drops a course during the first 20 days of a courses start date, the course will not appear on the student’s record. If your student changes to a different curriculum, please update your education plan in Applecore and contact Archway to drop courses as soon as possible. Failure to update Applecore with a new education plan could result in dismissal from HLA.



Following is Archway/HLA’s policy concerning Plagiarism. Please be sure your students are aware of what plagiarism is. Plagiarism may seem like a quick way to finish, but it is not only illegal, it is also a Code of Ethics violation and could result in your dismissal from Archway and HLA. 

Students found plagiarizing or cheating will be given a zero on the assignment/lesson for the first offense and the parent will be notified by email. If there is a second offense the parent will be contacted by phone and the entire unit that contained the plagiarized assignment will be re-assigned to the student to redo. If the problem continues the student will be dismissed from Archway and HLA. The parent will be responsible for paying any extension fees that may be needed as a result of having to redo the unit. 

Archway courses contain the information needed to answer the questions on lessons. Googling, copying, and pasting the answers to questions and essays is considered cheating/plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of stating or implying that another person’s work is your own.

You commit plagiarism if you:

  • Copy and paste portions of sentences or paragraphs into an answer or essay from another source such as an online help website.
  • Submit a paper to be graded or reviewed that you have not written on your own.
  • Copy answers or text from another classmate and submit it as your own.
  • Quote or paraphrase from another paper without crediting the original author.
  • Cite data without crediting the original source.
  • Propose another author’s idea as if it were your own.
  • Fabricating references or using incorrect references.
  • Submitting someone else’s essay with only minor alterations.
  • If more than 15% of a sentence is matched to an outside source without that source being cited as a reference, the sentence will be considered plagiarized.

This is not a definitive list — any action which misleadingly implies someone else’s work is your own can constitute plagiarism.