Students learning at HL Tutorial. Photo by Eli Chamley.

Students learning at HL Tutorial. Photo by Eli Chamley.

The school year is winding down for HomeLife Tutorial (HLT) and its more than 60 students who attended classes this school year. After four years, the tutorial continues to offer quality instruction and tutorial services to homeschoolers in West Tennessee. Students as well as their parents have found the variety of class offerings and support to be a welcome addition to their home education. Because of that, the staff at the tutorial strives to ensure the classes they offer are not only what students need academically, but also have content they are interested in learning. The great lineup of classes for the 2016-2017 school year appears to meet both of those needs.

“I love the students that attend HLT,” said Phyllis Broadus, who is on the HLT board, serves as the K-8th Family/Student Relations & Academic Advisor and is an instructor at the tutorial. “In my four years of experience with the tutorial, I have found the students to all be cooperative, well-behaved and very likeable. I like to be around them as I establish a relationship with each of them.”

Registration for the 2016-2017 school year opened on Monday, April 4. Although there are many classes with spaces, some classes have only a small number of spaces remaining. There are new classes as well as the return of some others.

“Some of our new elective classes are French 1 and Music Appreciation & Theory, offered both semesters, and Physical Education (fall) and Health & Wellness (spring),” said Phyllis Lerro, who is on the HLT board and also serves as the High School & Family Advisor.

Another new class that has been requested many times is Algebra 1, which has a couple of spaces remaining. It will be taught by homeschool mother of six children Nora Collins, who will also offer math tutoring. She has a B.S. in Mathematics and brings her more than 25 years of experience as a math instructor to the tutorial. Diann Robinson, Administrator of Cultural Arts at The Ned R. McWherter West TN Cultural Arts Center, will be teaching Theater for middle and high school students.

Christy Gatti (pictured left) works in the HLA office and teaches history at the HL Tutorial. Photo by Eli Chamley.

Christy Gatti (pictured left) works in the HLA office and teaches history at the HL Tutorial. Photo by Eli Chamley.

“Students will learn about props, sets, working together as a team, discipline, what really happens backstage and many other aspects of theatre,” said Diann who has more than 20 years of experience in theatre and fine arts. “Having on stage experience and access to props, costumes, dressing rooms and set design will give a total experience to students taking this class.”

John Williams, CEO/Visionary of Dynamics Music, Inc. and a homeschool father of six, brings more than 20 years of music experience into his Music class. John’s and Diann’s students will collaborate for an end of the school year production. Certified personal trainer Kimberly Condray, who currently teaches Lit/Comp at HLT, will teach students how to live a healthier life improving their physical, mental and social health.

Phyllis Lerro also shared about changes in the history cycle.

“We are also doing a departure from the world history cycle and incorporating a study of government and elections in the fall for the History 4-6 and 6-8 classes” said Phyllis Lerro. “We hope to have a mock election for the kids during the first semester.”

Photo by Eli Chamley.

Photo by Eli Chamley.

There are a number of other classes being offered at the tutorial for students in fourth through twelfth grades. Classes will be held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays will be Fine Arts Day with Theatre, French 1, Art and Music being offered to middle and high school students. Many of the instructors are either degreed or have working experience in the subject(s) they teach. Most are also parents of homeschool graduates or they are currently homeschooling their own children. So, they are familiar with homeschoolers, which gives them better insight of the students they teach.

“We look at HLT as a home school AWAY from “home school,” said Phyllis Broadus. “The students are in a classroom setting, but more with a ‘round-table setting’, friendly atmosphere; ethics are still expected. I like that, we as teachers, expect ‘work’ to be done, but are understandable when situations arrive and we will give grace.”

The HLT will host an open house on Tuesday, April 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Calvary Baptist Church, 119 Oil Well Road in Jackson where classes are held. It will be a come-and-go, meet-and-greet event for families to meet the instructors, view curriculum, get answers to their questions about the tutorial and more.

Visit the HLT website to see the offered classes, read about the instructors as well as register online for classes. Call HomeLife Tutorial at (888) 560-0774 or e-mail HLA for more information.

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