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HLA Partnership: Beyond Personal Finance

The thought of teaching geometry, advanced biology and essay writing may seem easier when placed against teaching your child how to manage their personal finances. The challenge we have as parents is teaching our children how to manage their money with real life experiences that could impact their savings as well as their lives. Beyond

HLA’s 10 Steps to Begin Homeschooling

Homeschooling is something you have heard about, studied, and are now ready to begin. Getting started is a lot easier than you think, especially when you have help from HomeLife Academy (HLA). Follow these 10 simple steps that will start you on your journey as a home educator. 1) Learn the Law Homeschooling is legal

Sports and Extracurriculars: The Facts You Need to Know

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Homeschooling has been legal in Tennessee for more than 20 years. Over time, we have seen new rules open doors for homeschoolers to enhance their educational experience through academics as well as athletics. Access to public and private school sports has been a significant benefit to homeschoolers. Major changes occurred in March 2015 when the

Supporting HLA’s Box Tops Fundraiser Just Got Easier

For more than 20 years, clipping and collecting Box Tops has enabled people to earn cash for schools by simply purchasing the items they regularly buy. For our HomeLife Academy (HLA) families, the steps have been as simple as clipping the Box Top from the package of the product and mailing them to us. That

Enjoying Christmas While Homeschooling

Bah humbug! You have to homeschool during the Christmas holiday. Forget how you got here (starting later in the school year, taking that extra week off when you really needed it, planning an exciting spring vacation next year). Now, the month of December you wanted to take off has school in the mix. Guess what?

Having Confidence in Homeschooling this Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. It is a time to wind down and get a respite from the homeschool life. It brings cooler weather, longer nights and good food. It also brings those relatives. You know the ones. The ones who come visiting with a judgmental eye for you and ready with 20 questions for your children

Have You Got the First Year Homeschool Blues?

This may not be not a fact, but is most likely the truth: the worst homeschool year you will ever have is the one you are in now, the first year. Beginning something new is always hard and homeschooling is no different. You started the school year feeling confident and encouraged. As the school weeks

How to Keep the New School Year Excitement

Homeschoolers greet the beginning of a new school year (or semester) with a gusto that cannot be matched in enthusiasm by any other type of person. It is a new beginning and glistens as brightly as newly unboxed curriculum that arrives at your doorstep. We cannot wait to open the box or start the first

Join Us for the Back 2 School Bash

Are you ready to kick off the new school year? There is no better way than attending HomeLife Academy’s (HLA) annual Back 2 School Bash? It starts today and HLA has a lot of excitement planned every day this week. Since 2017, HLA has hosted its annual Back 2 School Bash. It is our favorite

Lost Your Homeschool Spirit? Get It Back!

Summer vacation was a blast. You would not mind going back to those warm and sunny days. September came sooner than you wanted, but now it is here and time to start school. The only problem is somewhere over the summer, you lost your homeschool spirit. Now, you have got to figure out how to