One child may not smile at you when you hand them their Spanish exam. Another one may ask (again) for a detailed explanation as to why they have to show their math work every single time. And then another child may refuse to do absolutely any work. Despite all of that, you are appreciated. Since you may not hear that every day, Barnes & Noble (B&N) Bookstore is going to step up and celebrate you during the month of October for its Educator Appreciation Days.

B&N Stores across the country (find a store near you) will celebrate teachers who teach students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Educators will receive up to 25% on a variety of items sold by the store. Normally, with the B&N Educators card, teachers receive 20% off the publisher’s list price on a number of their purchases for classroom use. Some of those items will be 25% off during Educator Appreciation Days. Textbooks are not included, but many of the other thousands of books it carries will be discounted up to 25% off.

If you do not already have a B&N Educators card, you may register for one at the store. Be sure to bring proof that you are a registered homeschooler. Usually, the letter confirming your registration through HomeLife Academy will suffice to obtain the card.

See, homeschool teacher, you are appreciated.

Contact your local B&N store to confirm the planned activities during the month of October.

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