HLA Partnership: Beyond Personal Finance

The thought of teaching geometry, advanced biology and essay writing may seem easier when placed against teaching your child how to manage their personal finances. The challenge we have as parents is teaching our children

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Teacher of the Year – 2020

It is with great pride that we announce the 2020 TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Natacha Trammell! Taylor - Age 11: My mom is the best teacher ever because, My mom fought in the United States

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HLA’s 10 Steps to Begin Homeschooling

Homeschooling is something you have heard about, studied, and are now ready to begin. Getting started is a lot easier than you think, especially when you have help from HomeLife Academy (HLA). Follow these 10

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I’m Not A Homeschooler

I graduated from public school. I never considered homeschooling. I never wanted to homeschool. But there I was, left with no other option. Well, at least no good one.  I had questions. EVERYONE had answers.

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Digital Discovery: Utilizing Support Through Internet Resources

60 years since the inception of the internet, you can now live completely via the web and never actually deal with anyone but the delivery man. It is a little scary how digitally dependent we

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Homeschooling In A Hurry

When you suddenly find yourself homeschooling your children due to situations beyond your control, it may be overwhelming to even know where to begin. First, take a deep breath! No matter the age of your

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