Spending Time in Alaska

When my husband and I began to homeschool our two sons, we discovered the flexibility of homeschooling.  We loved that we didn’t have to worry about following a strict timeline of concepts that had to

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FIRST GLANCE into Helping Homeschoolers

After two or three years of researching every curriculum available to homeschooling families and spending lots of money trying out programs that weren’t right for us, I realized how important and difficult the selection process

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FIRST GLANCE into Autism

When I was working as a homeschool consultant in the early 1990s, it was my responsibility to guide families through the homeschooling process while simultaneously raising and teaching children with their own exceptional needs (learning

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FIRST GLANCE into Interest-Based Learning

When I began my own homeschooling journey in the late 1980s, I didn’t know anything about how it worked and certainly didn’t know anyone who was homeschooling. This meant I had to get creative in

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FIRST GLANCE into Dysgraphia

When my seven-year-old son was diagnosed with visual-perceptual disorder I found myself seeking answers, hoping not only to understand the diagnosis but to find ways to understand what my son needed from me. When we

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It was 1980; I was fresh out of college and ready to begin my career as a special education teacher. At the time, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) had just made it into the Diagnostic Statistical

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