• When Homeschooling at Home gets Boring

When Homeschooling at Home Gets Boring

Homeschool. Parents teaching their children at home. Parents and children staying at home all day long and doing school. That is a lot of time spent at home and, sometimes, staying in the same place

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How to Homeschool Without a Dedicated Schoolroom

One of the fun aspects of homeschooling is creating that perfect place for the homeschool experience. While some people have visions of their dream house, homeschoolers have visions of their dream homeschool room. Having a

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10 Ways to Welcome Spring in your Homeschool and Life

The first day of spring only comes once a year. By the time that day arrives, you are probably happy to see it. Longer days, blooming flowers and warmer weather sparks a renewed energy and

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  • how to survive a hard homeschool day

How to Survive a Hard Homeschool Day

The school books are closed. The children are outside playing. Dinner is waiting for someone (you) to prepare it. Has anyone asked you how you are doing today? Probably not, but if they did, you

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Should the Next Stop be College?

When I was growing up, my plans after high school were already in place. I knew, without question, my next step was going to college. The decision was not forced on me, but was something

HLA Hits the Road for Convention Season

It is about that time of year again when HomeLife Academy (HLA) hits the road. Where are we going you ask? Well, we are going a lot of places. Why are we going to those

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