HLA Partnership: A+ Tutorsoft

Longtime homeschool families have likely been acquainted with the A+ TutorSoft product for some time, as the homeschool-centered math learning program provides everything students need to excel in math. However, this great deal just got

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HLA Partnership: TelePlay Therapy

Every student needs support. Support can look different for everyone, that’s why HomeLife Academy is excited to announce our new partnership with TelePlay Therapy! When we heard about the services offered through this program, we

FIRST GLANCE into Homeschooling

Welcome to our “First Glance” blog series written by Trudy Abel! Over the next few weeks we will be featuring different Special Needs topics - introducing you to each concept through the lens of Trudy’s

What My Learning Disability Gave Me The Ability To Learn – Bryanna Ruesche

I have a learning disability. And I’m actually thankful for it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I never would have grown to understand if everything had been easy for me when

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HLA Partnership: Jane Ross Tutoring

A higher score on the ACT can make all the difference in planning your college experience. We want to make sure all our students are fully equipped for whatever path they choose! As part of

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HLA Partnership: FunClubs

HomeLife Academy is proud to introduce our new partner, FunClubs! FunClubs is a family of after-school and online enrichment providers seeking to bring the very best in fun and educational opportunities to your family! Founded

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