Why We Homeschool: Families Who Made the Switch

In this unprecedented year, many are making an unexpected transition into homeschooling. This post collects stories and reflection from three families who made the switch. We hope it blesses you and you are encouraged in

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HLA Partnership: Care2Rock

Looking for an online option to help your student pick up an instrument? HLA has partnered with Care2Rock, an easy, affordable way to learn music from anywhere! Care2Rock (C2R) provides instruments and live, online music

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It Doesn’t Have To Be “Crisis Schooling”

So it’s July. Covid-19 is still here. The world is in an uproar. Numbers are on the rise again. And schools are trying to figure out what to do for the new school year. So

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Forget Sleepaway, Here’s Camp To-Stay

Forget Sleepaway, Here's Camp To-Stay (a COVID-conscious alternative to summer camp)   When you ask kids about their favorite things to do in the summer, you can often predict some of the items on their

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Take a deep breath. Homeschooling is not a destination you have to reach on a specific date or in a specific way. It is not a goal you have to run toward until you finally

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HLA Partnership: Beyond Personal Finance

The thought of teaching geometry, advanced biology and essay writing may seem easier when placed against teaching your child how to manage their personal finances. The challenge we have as parents is teaching our children

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