• Start Homeschooling Mid-School Year

How To Start Homeschooling Mid-School Year

Making the decision to homeschool is not an easy one. That may be why you decided to put it off (again) until the beginning of the next school year. The only problem is, you do

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Math Essentials Partnership Announcement

HomeLife Academy (HLA) is proud to announce our partnership with Math Essentials! Math Essentials is offering an exclusive discount for HLA families for 15 percent off its products. To activate this discount, use the code

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Skunk Works® Virtual Field Trip

Lockheed Martin wants high school students to Reach for the Sky! and is making it possible through its Generation Beyond Aviation Virtual Field Trip. Through a virtual experience, high school students will visit the Lockheed

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A+ TutorSoft Partnership Announcement

HomeLife Academy is proud to announce our partnership with A+ TutorSoft! A+ is offering an exclusive discount to HLA families for 10% off their products with the code HSA10 or you may qualify for their

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  • Christmas traditions

Share Your Christmas Traditions with HLA

Thanksgiving has yet to arrive and so many of you already have Christmas on your mind. We also know some of you have already put up your Christmas tree. And that is all right. The

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  • exclusive aop discount

Partnership Announcement: Alpha Omega Publications

HomeLife Academy (HLA) is excited to announce our new partnership with Alpha Omega Publications (AOP)! AOP provides Christian curriculum for homeschooling families. HLA has recommended AOP to many of our families over the years and

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