Blue Eagle Store

For those of you who don’t know, we have an apparel store that has sold HLA and homeschooling t-shirts for the past several years.  The vision for Blue Eagle Store has always been to have our very own school spirit, school supply and resource outlet for all things HLA.

We have been so busy over the past years helping our families and building our service to them that we have not been able to put time and effort towards seeing this fun and exciting offering get off the ground, but with your help we can see it happen.

We have had a desire to see Blue Eagle Store grow to offer a variety of goodies like planners, notebooks, and pencils to come along side the t-shirts that are so popular.  Please email us at with what you would like to see us offer or make available to our families.

And to kick this off, we are offering a sweet deal on one of everyone’s favorite t-shirts…Get your “Parent Teacher Conference” t-shirt for only $10.  We have limited sizes and quantities available so order yours now.  These are great t-shirts to show your homeschool pride!!

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