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Getting started with HomeLife is Simple…

NEW PAGE NOW LIVE! HERE Freedom & Flexibility Choose your own curriculum and resources. Use life as your classroom. Change your education plan as needed. Our mission is to inspire and equip you to develop your child’s unique, God-given gifts. Free Homeschool Counseling Planning and choosing curriculum. Planning for college, careers, military and more. Access

How it all got started…

I know it's too simple to say God started all of this. But that's really how we feel, and continue to feel. It was God who opened the door, assembled a terrific team, brought us amazing counselors, and provided our every need. Each step of the way, as a need presents itself, God has the

HomeLife Academy is here to support families experiencing difficulties and looking for solutions due to COVID-19/Coronavirus and the TN tornadoes.
We’re here to help.

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