HomeLife Academy (HLA) is Proud to Announce our New Partnership with Elephango!

Elephango calls themselves the “Google for homeschoolers.” With thousands of resources that deepen and enrich every subject, Elephango will be your perfect curriculum companion.  Think of Elephango as a teacher’s assistant. This tool ensures freedom from endless searches for the right lesson and article. Elephango cuts out the middleman to deliver the right resources to

Math Essentials Partnership Announcement

HomeLife Academy (HLA) is proud to announce our partnership with Math Essentials! Math Essentials is offering an exclusive discount for HLA families for 15 percent off its products. To activate this discount, use the code homelife# at checkout. If you love math, teaching it through the elementary school years will be easy. Moving into middle

A+ TutorSoft Partnership Announcement

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HomeLife Academy is proud to announce our partnership with A+ TutorSoft! A+ is offering an exclusive discount to HLA families for 10% off their products with the code HSA10 or you may qualify for their WE CARE program where you choose how much to pay. See below for more information. Math can be an intimidating

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