Got Questions? HLA’s Got Answers!

Many of you are just rounding the corner to the end of your school year. Some of you will continue into the summer. Others are already preparing for a new school year. HomeLife Academy (HLA) has all types of homeschoolers. We have some who follow a traditional school calendar, others who homeschool year-round and some

Meet the Staff: December Edition

With each month’s newsletter, we feature two members of our wonderful records or counseling team members here at HomeLife so that you can get to know them! This month, we would like to introduce you to Bryanna Cash, administrative assistant, and Karen Johnson, counselor. Meet Karen! Karen Johnson is a high school counselor. She handles

Lani Carey interview at FPEA

We had a great time at the FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association) Conference this year. It was busy, but not too busy to take a minute with Lani Carey, one of HLA's High School Counselors. CHECK OUT LANI'S RECENT WORKSHOP HERE. “The high school years can be difficult to navigate. I have had 2 students

Website Stats and Goals

In case you're a geek like me and just want to know stats all the time, here is a screen shot image from Google Analytics. This tracks visitors to Notice the increase of new visitors last week as we approached January, most likely from possible transfers from public school. Overall, we get about 5000 visitors a month