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HLA Partnership: TelePlay Therapy

Every student needs support. Support can look different for everyone, that’s why HomeLife Academy is excited to announce our new partnership with TelePlay Therapy! When we heard about the services offered through this program, we knew they would be a wonderful resource for our homeschool families who may no longer receive therapy benefits through their

FIRST GLANCE into Homeschooling

Welcome to our “First Glance” blog series written by Trudy Abel! Over the next few weeks we will be featuring different Special Needs topics - introducing you to each concept through the lens of Trudy’s initial experiences with various diagnoses, starting off with Trudy’s unique introduction to homeschooling! Trudy Abel holds a M.A.Ed. in Gifted

Handwriting – The Changes!

By Nan Jay Barchowsky It is not so easy to guide your child to the handwriting that will give him or her the most lifelong success and pleasure. Even the thought of success and pleasure in writing by hand can seem unclear, maybe even unnecessary as an attainment goal. Many say the various amazing digital

ADHD-Labeled Kids Who Switch

My analysis of these stories suggests that (1) most ADHD-diagnosed kids do fine without drugs if they are not in a conventional school; (2) the ADHD characteristics don't vanish when the kids leave conventional school, but the characteristics are no longer as big a problem as they were before; and (3) ADHD-diagnosed kids seem to