Supporting HLA’s Box Tops Fundraiser Just Got Easier

For more than 20 years, clipping and collecting Box Tops has enabled people to earn cash for schools by simply purchasing the items they regularly buy. For our HomeLife Academy (HLA) families, the steps have been as simple as clipping the Box Top from the package of the product and mailing them to us. That

Don’t Discount the Box Tops

Certainly you have not missed them when purchasing products from brands like General Mills, Old El Paso, Pillsbury and more. They are the little rectangular, bright pink labels on the box tops of products you purchase. Those little labels are not worth much on the top of your boxes, but when you cut them out

HLA Barnes & Noble Book Fair to be Held

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HomeLife Academy (HLA) is inviting all book lovers to its book fair that will be conducted through Barnes & Noble on Thursday and Friday, December 10-11. Actually, you do not have to love only books to participate in the shopping fun and support this fundraising effort by HLA. A small percentage of the net proceeds

Blue Eagle Store Re-Opened!!

Blue Eagle Store For those of you who don't know, we have an apparel store that has sold HLA and homeschooling t-shirts for the past several years.  The vision for Blue Eagle Store has always been to have our very own school spirit, school supply and resource outlet for all things HLA. We have been

Save Your Box Tops!

Save your Box Tops! Its time to start collecting Box Tops!  Home Life Academy gives thousands of dollars in scholarships each year and with your help we can continue to do so! We would like to introduce you to a great fundraiser that you can be a part of with little effort.  Each box top

The Graduate’s Store

The Graduate's Store Looking for graduation announcements, class rings, cap and gowns or diploma frames?  We have them and more!  We have partnered with Signature Announcements to bring you everything you need for your graduation. Check out the HomeLife Academy store by clicking HERE.