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HLA in the News!

Thank you, Kristen, for the great article in The Tennessean! ~~~~~~~~ Kristen Kindoll: Here's the deal on umbrella schools Umbrella schools are a popular registration choice for home-schooling families. The best description of an umbrella school is a private institution that maintains student records and paperwork. The parent who is doing the teaching still decides

Study: Home-Schooled Kids Beat Public School Kids in Math, Reading

[reposted from the Blaze] Home-schooled students may have the academic edge over their public schooled peers, according to a new study from the Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science. The study, which examined the test scores of 74 students ages 5-10, found that kids educated in structured home school environments actually outperformed their public school counterparts

the biggest educational research annual meeting in the world

In following the career and impact of Dr. Ray, I occasionally need to repost one of his newsletters. Like this one!!! ~~~~~~~ Hello, Homelife, from NHERI. I just returned from the biggest educational research annual meeting in the world. About 13,000 professors, doctoral students, policymakers, test publishers, bureaucrats, and more recently converged on The Big

News Worth Noting…

Hello, Homelife, from NHERI. We released a new study today! It is entitled, 2.04 Million Homeschool Students in the United States in 2010. Many have wondered for the past few years, Is homeschooling still growing or has it leveled off, or even fallen in its numbers? So, I, with the encouragement and support of many,

ACT Scores

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Happy 20 Year Anniversary to NHERI.

We owe a great deal of our freedom and the general social acceptance of home education to the work of Dr. Brian David Ray and the National Home Education Research Institute. Over they years they've produced well done, credible, and accepted studies on homeschooling. Today it's difficult to find direct information in opposition to home

HLA and the ACT

HomeLife Academy & the ACT:We are thrilled with the hard work parents are putting into preparing their students for the ACT. HLA's scores have been consistently higher than state and national averages for the last four years. In 2008, the national ACT average was 21.1. The state of TN was 20.7. And HLA's average was

How Do American Students Compare?

Ever wonder how our students compare to those around the world, or how our standards and expectations compare to those in other countries? Take a look at our priorities vs. those of other nations and I think you'll agree we've lost our edge. One chilling new documentary take a look at the high school years.