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  • how to survive a hard homeschool day

How to Survive a Hard Homeschool Day

The school books are closed. The children are outside playing. Dinner is waiting for someone (you) to prepare it. Has anyone asked you how you are doing today? Probably not, but if they did, you may have to tell them the truth. You are feeling absolutely miserable. Why? Because homeschooling is hard! Deciding to homeschool

Should the Next Stop be College?

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When I was growing up, my plans after high school were already in place. I knew, without question, my next step was going to college. The decision was not forced on me, but was something we did in my family. Once we finished high school, we moved on to college. College was (and still is

  • dont leave teenagers home

Teenagers: Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

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One of the perks of being a parent of a teenager is being able to leave them “home alone”. They know not to answer the door to strangers, not to invite their friends over for a wild party and not to burn the house down! Seriously, after having raised your child for 13 years, you

  • keeping them close to home

Keeping Them Close to Home

If you graduated from a college or university and are faithful to your alma mater, you probably already know where your child will continue life after high school. More than likely, that school is miles (maybe even states) away from where you live now. The plan was to keep tradition alive with your child walking

New Year, New Beginning

There is something about the beginning of the New Year that brings a sense of peace. Everything is fresh, exciting and well, new. It is a new beginning. You are filled with enthusiasm to do great things. Along with having energy to begin a new semester, you feel capable enough to “right all of the

  • Start Homeschooling Mid-School Year

How To Start Homeschooling Mid-School Year

Making the decision to homeschool is not an easy one. That may be why you decided to put it off (again) until the beginning of the next school year. The only problem is, you do not think you can wait that long. You believe now is the time, but know it is in the middle

  • explain homeschool

You Decided to Homeschool? You Need No Explanation!

Homeschooling. It is not a new term. In fact, some of your close friends are doing it too. At first, you wondered if you should homeschool. After learning more about it, you had decided homeschooling is a good fit for your family. Then you share your excitement with your extended family and friends who do

Is Homeschooling Becoming a Problem?

It is October. How are you doing with that thing we call homeschooling? For those of you who started school in August, you are probably dusting off your heels with more than two months of school already under your belt. For those who started a little bit later in September, congratulations to you with several

  • how to have an easier school week

How to Have an Easier School Week

If you homeschool, you know not one week is ever the same. A well planned week does not always guarantee you a week that flows as perfectly as your plans. On the flip side, the plan may work well one week and completely fall apart the next. That is just homeschooling. It does not matter

“Should I Homeschool?” Recap

On July 26, HomeLife Academy opened its doors to the community of Jackson, Tennessee. There are tons of people in our community who are thinking about homeschooling and have many questions that Google can’t answer. They have personal, related-to-them questions and we desperately wanted to answer. “Should I Homeschool?” was designed specifically for those families