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Homeschooling for the First Time? You’re Not Alone!

Taking on the task of homeschooling your children is not an easy one. If this is your first year as a homeschooler, someone should probably tell you that decision was the easiest one you will make while on this journey. The first year will also probably be the hardest. Just know it does get easier

Welcome to Summer Camp at Home

Summer camps can be expensive. Depending on your budget and the number of children you have, affording camp for everyone may not be an option. That does not mean your children have to miss out. It just means you, as a parent, must get a little bit creative. Fortunately, creativity is what homeschool parents are

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You Did It!: First Year of Homeschool

You did it! You just completed your first year as a homeschooler. And you thought you could not do it, but you did. Along with the naysayers, hopefully, you had supporters who cheered you on every step of the way. Certainly, your first year has left you with many impressions of homeschooling. Several times, you

10 Things to Do Before Sending them to College

Whew! Those 13 years of school sure did fly by fast. Somehow, you managed to teach them a whole lot of everything, but still feel like you left something out. That is possible, but right now, that does not really matter. You have a high school graduate on your hands. Now, it is on to

How to Manage End of the School Paperwork

The end of the homeschool year has come. As you look around your school room, which may be all over the house, it is obvious you are a homeschooler. Artwork hangs on the walls, school books are on the shelves and any other flat surface and paperwork completed over the past school year is everywhere.

6 Things to Do Before You Decide to Homeschool

Homeschooling can cause a major shift in your life. It is not a quick decision anyone should make. If you are considering homeschooling, these are some tips to help you decide if home education is a good option for your family. Know Why You are Considering Homeschooling Although anyone can homeschool, homeschooling is not for

  • When Homeschooling at Home gets Boring

When Homeschooling at Home Gets Boring

Homeschool. Parents teaching their children at home. Parents and children staying at home all day long and doing school. That is a lot of time spent at home and, sometimes, staying in the same place all day long like that gets boring. That is not what homeschooling should become. When it does get boring, move

How to Homeschool Without a Dedicated Schoolroom

One of the fun aspects of homeschooling is creating that perfect place for the homeschool experience. While some people have visions of their dream house, homeschoolers have visions of their dream homeschool room. Having a dedicated homeschool room is ideal, but fortunately, not necessary to have for your child to learn. If you ask any

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How to Survive a Hard Homeschool Day

The school books are closed. The children are outside playing. Dinner is waiting for someone (you) to prepare it. Has anyone asked you how you are doing today? Probably not, but if they did, you may have to tell them the truth. You are feeling absolutely miserable. Why? Because homeschooling is hard! Deciding to homeschool

Should the Next Stop be College?

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When I was growing up, my plans after high school were already in place. I knew, without question, my next step was going to college. The decision was not forced on me, but was something we did in my family. Once we finished high school, we moved on to college. College was (and still is