Have You Got the First Year Homeschool Blues?

This may not be not a fact, but is most likely the truth: the worst homeschool year you will ever have is the one you are in now, the first year. Beginning something new is always hard and homeschooling is no different. You started the school year feeling confident and encouraged. As the school weeks

Motivational Monday: Newbie Edition – Week 6

Refill and Recharge Now that you have had a few months to devote your heart and soul to homeschooling, it is probably a good time to check in on you. How are you doing, really? Have you found a groove for daily tasks and activities? Are your kids getting used to the new routine? If

Motivational Monday: Newbie Edition – Week 5

Building Your Homeschool Village You’ve heard it before, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Nowhere is that more true than the homeschooling journey. Sometimes, homeschool families are prone to feeling isolated as a result of being home alone with their children all day, but it does not have to be that way! You

15 Steps to Our Original Purpose: A Testimonial

Sometimes, life is too overwhelming. There are moments when you have to pause in order to prevent an explosion. While juggling the daily physical needs of your family:  laundry, meals, and clean bathrooms, you may also feel the weight of what it means to raise good human beings who have mental and emotional needs. Homeschooling

10 Ways to Welcome Spring in your Homeschool and Life

The first day of spring only comes once a year. By the time that day arrives, you are probably happy to see it. Longer days, blooming flowers and warmer weather sparks a renewed energy and motivation for change in our homeschool and our lives. Show your appreciation for the arrival of spring with these manageable

How to Strengthen the Homeschooling Community

How to Strengthen the Homeschooling Community: Look to our past, focus on the present and plan for the future By Tracy Klicka I grew up wearing mood rings and bell bottoms, playing with Shrinky Dinks and an Easy Bake Oven, and listening to songs like “Summer Breeze” and “American Pie.” Yes, I was a child

Family Focus: The Bacon Family

-By Tara Bacon, Homeschooling mom in Tennessee- The Bacons are a new homeschooling family who spend much time traveling to Karting events where their son competes! Read more about their adventure: We are the Bacons from Kingsport, Tennessee.  My name is Tara, I enjoy cooking for friends & family and making memories over a good

Family Focus: The Atkins Family

   By Ginger Atkins, Homeschooling Mom in Tennessee    We believe that having our children at home, even in challenging times, has provided teaching moments and opportunities for each child to develop character and experience real life situations.  We would never claim to have our homeschooling methods perfected.  We experience plenty of chaos everyday.  Over

Family Focus: The Armstrong Family

By Tammy Armstrong, Homeschooling Mom in Tennessee I have started and stopped this article several times. Each time I wonder how to put into words how we homeschool.  Writing down our story makes me think our life sounds more like a rendition of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” where you sing all these words (some

Family Focus: The Brewer Family

By Crystal Brewer, Homeschooling Mom in Tennessee When we first began homeschooling 6 years ago we were completely clueless about what it was supposed to look like. Our first couple of years were very difficult and it was because of my preconceived notions about what 'school' should be at our home. I set up our