Little Tommy needs a playgroup (repost by David Ray)

Hello, Homelife, from NHERI. Little Tommy needs a playgroup. Mary must have a lot of friends or she will not know how to get along with others. Eventual adult psychological autonomy can only be had if teens are with other teens more than they are with their parents. Sam is with his family too much;

“Getting Out of the Box: How to Homeschool and Love It” by Lani Carey

* How to teach the student instead of teaching the curriculum * Taking advantage of the way kids learn to make each day memorable, from Kindergarten through High School * Exploring the many different options for homeschooling through high school and beyond * Practical ideas and examples of games and fun ways to teach grammar,

This is not easy…but the responses (below) are sweet!

NEW FEE STRUCTURE: After years of attempting to pay our growing expenses with the fees we put in place in 2003 we are going to have to raise them just a little bit.  This decision was very difficult for us because we look at HLA as a ministry. However, we set out to build the

Something promising…

Homeschooling is not a perfect science. What matters most is that we see our children, that they feel our affections, and hear our praises. These virtues, if practiced everyday, cover our own weaknesses, shortcomings and imperfections as parents, and puts the "duty" of home eduction in proper perspective. -david  READ MORE via

ADHD-Labeled Kids Who Switch

My analysis of these stories suggests that (1) most ADHD-diagnosed kids do fine without drugs if they are not in a conventional school; (2) the ADHD characteristics don't vanish when the kids leave conventional school, but the characteristics are no longer as big a problem as they were before; and (3) ADHD-diagnosed kids seem to

In Search of the Perfect Homeschool.

HOME LIFE NEWS In Search of the Perfect Homeschool. How to Homeschool and Love it... Sept. 2010 Welcome to the new school year. Wow! We have been busy the last few weeks! Over 1200 new students have joined the HLA family this year! And if you are like the rest of us, you've also joined

Encourgememt for the Journey

I felt it would be a good idea to send this encouragement from our counselors again. We have over 2000 brand new home educators on the journey since this was sent in 2008. Plus, the wisdom below helps me everytime I read and re-read it.  If you are a new home educator, OR heading into high school(ahhh!), the process can be

The Relaxed Homeschool Mindset

Excerpted from The Enthusiastic Homeschooler, Ambleside Educational Press,Cartersville, GA"Relaxed homeschooling....isn't that an oxymoron?"The problem with most of these readers is that they misunderstand what "relaxed homeschooling" is all about. It isn't a method. Relaxed homeschoolers may use all kinds of methods as they tailor things for each individual child. It isn't a curriculum, or the

A School Principal’s Letter of Resignation

A School Principal's Letter of Resignation Posted by Scott Brown on August 6, 2010 From My friend Mike Metarko recently resigned his post as principal of Hanover Elementary School in Bethlehem, PA. His resignation letter tells the story of why he would do such a radical thing and abandon what has been his livelihood

“The High School Advantage” continues this weekend.

This weekend in Jackson, TN Lani Carey presents...  "The High School Advantage: Homeschooling Your Teenager" & Getting Out Of The Box: How To Homeschool & Love It! By Lani Cary HLA Homeschool Counselor "To me, home education is not about books - it's all about raising up Godly men and women as future leaders and parents." WTHEA is

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