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Motivational Monday: Newbie Edition – Week 4

Avoiding Negative Nancies You are into the first semester! How are you feeling? Are you nailing down a routine yet? We understand that transitions can be tough and just want you to know that we are all rooting for you. Everyone here is wanting you to succeed and we love how success looks differently for

Motivational Monday: Newbie Edition – Week 3

Do What is Best for You and Your Family The important thing to remember throughout this brand new homeschooling journey is this: overall, you know your family better than anyone else. The decisions that you make might be drastic or different than anything else you have done—anyone else ever called “Slime Making” their science class

Motivational Monday: Newbie Edition – Week 2

Spend Time with your Kids before Starting Formal Lessons When asking a veteran homeschool mom what their single best piece of advice would be for beginning to homeschool, she says, “Just slow down.” Enjoy each other’s company before formal lessons begin. If your child attended school previously, just think about how much of their day

Motivation Monday: Don’t Compare your Family

You’ve done your research. You’ve talked to other homeschool moms. You’ve seen success in other families and you’re ready for those results. You’ve ordered your curriculum. Your kids are excited. All right, let’s do this. Let’s homeschool. Monday morning rolls around, and your kids are not getting that math lesson. One child is crying while