Seaside Chats Webinars Bring the Ocean to Your Home

Picture courtesy of the FGBNMS. Have you ever wondered what goes on under water in the ocean? Well, you may find out when you attend Seaside Chats 2018 when it returns to Texas this month at Texas A&M Galveston. Seaside Chats has provided on-site and online learning experiences, through webinars, on ocean topics

Study Wonders of the Sea During Live Seaside Chats Webinars

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Picture courtesy of the FGBNMS. One of the benefits of the Internet is being able to enjoy experiences as if you were actually at a particular location. Seaside Chats 2017 begins again in February. If you live in Galveston, Texas, heading to Sea Star Base Galveston may not be too difficult. If you

Keep Science Fun! A Dozen Experiments to Try Today

  When your school laboratory is the same kitchen you prepare your family’s dinners in every evening, the word “experiment” can be a little unsettling. Visions of fires, explosions, and poisonous gases may dance in your head. Still, we know that science is at its best when it jumps off the pages of the textbook