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Christmas Party

Laughter is the way I would describe this year's annual HLA Christmas party. Ken and Tina opened their home to all of us for the evening and about 3 out of four hours I think we laughed.... hard. We are blessed this year to have several new staff and so some of them were meeting

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving 2011 Greetings!   What an incredible privilege! What a rich and wonderful blessing! What an honor to teach and lead our own children through Home Education. Each year during this season, I look around and see the thousands of families choosing to invest time, energy, and love in future young men and women. What a

Office Space in Jackson, TN

The following are a few exciting emails to our staff regarding new office space in Jackson, TN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 12:34 PM, David Parkerson wrote to the staff: Dear Staff, Ok, now this is amazing!! Two weeks ago we noticed this property (it needs a lot of work but boy what

BOX TOPS contest

We are hosting the BOX TOPS contest again this year. And here is some other ways to save money and earn money for your school, HomeLife Academy. HOME LIFE ACADEMY All first-time Marketplace shoppers will earn 5 Bonus Box Tops plus up to 15% cash back for their school with every qualifying purchase. Offer ends:

“The High School Advantage” continues this weekend.

This weekend in Jackson, TN Lani Carey presents...  "The High School Advantage: Homeschooling Your Teenager" & Getting Out Of The Box: How To Homeschool & Love It! By Lani Cary HLA Homeschool Counselor "To me, home education is not about books - it's all about raising up Godly men and women as future leaders and parents." WTHEA is


Did you know that JetBlue employs dozens of stay-at-home moms in Utah? They work from the comforts of the couch booking flights for JetBlue callers. The entire call center is not a center. It's a network of home offices and happy, smiling ladies! On the way to Nashville and back on Friday I listened to the incredible audio book:

The Denver Fair

Where to start: The Denver fair was really a great one, for several reasons.  Tyler, Dan, and I manned the booth. Zachary smiled at people. And we made several really great contacts, including two, maybe three, potential counselors. There wasn’t a lot of traffic to our booth at first, in spite of the T-Shirts hanging

Why We’re Here…

On Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 7:33 AM, David Parkerson <> wrote to the staff:The Orlando Fair this year was especially good. We had more people come up who already knew about us from a friend, it seems, than in any of the previous years. This is a good sign because word is spreading now, like it

Rally Day was great!

Rally Day was great! We enjoyed the home-grown talent and learned some important things about securing our future freedoms. Ken, Tina, April, & David (and Micah!) saying good-bye to the Capitol and heading home!!! :-)

Turning 40 is not so bad!

Well, I turned 40 this week! I hate the "seems like yesterday" saying, but... now I guess I understand it. It seems like yesterday I was hiking, repelling, and climbing 14ers in CO. Seems like yesterday I was in gradschool in Texas. Seems like yesterday April and I were starting HLA. Now here is what