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I’m on the internet marketing crash course learning curve!

My brother is an internet marketing genius. My job used to be pretty predictable; I knew what my days would be like. But when Tyler came on full time last year all of that changed! Before he started working for HLA I didn't even know what SEO was or stood for. Now "Search Engine Optimization"

Foundations of Home Education Workshop in Orlando

Recorded Live in Orlando: 2005. The big picture is important: Why are we doing this? So are the details: How do we do this? Foundations are essential for success. Foundation #1 is God! Be inspired and equipped. Plug into the big picture. Learn how God sparked the grass roots home schooling movement in America, and

Meet the New Staff

~ HOME LIFE NEWS ~ MEET THE NEW STAFF!!!   As HLA continues to grow we also continue to be blessed with new staff. We'd like to introduce the newest staff members of HLA to you in this newsletter and tell you a little bit about them and what they do to serve your family. 

Merry Christmas!!!

    From your staff and friends at HLA. Well, this is not quite everyone. We're missing Tyler, Dan, Toni, Ana, Ayala and Wayne. From left to right in the back: Amy, Calente, Lynn, Rushi, Joy, Karen, Mary, Tina, Nicole, Ken, and Andrew. Front: Lani, Jenn, David, Rebecca, and Nichole. It's our pleasure serving you

New New New!!

New Student and Teacher IDs! Student IDs are now available through our Request Manger in the Member Login area. Teacher IDs are also available. IDs card make discounts easier and are only $5 for delivery. Send us a great picture and we'll send you a great  looking ID! New Videos! With our new website this

How it all got started…

I know it's too simple to say God started all of this. But that's really how we feel, and continue to feel. It was God who opened the door, assembled a terrific team, brought us amazing counselors, and provided our every need. Each step of the way, as a need presents itself, God has the