Important TSSAA Deadline

In April, I wrote an article for the Homeschooling in Williamson County blog discussing the recent changes in the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) bylaws which now allow homeschoolers to remain fully enrolled with their church-related umbrella schools when applying for eligibility to try out with a local public or private school member team.

Fun, educational and free field trips in Tennessee

Field trips are fun and homechoolers enjoy taking them. Learning something new may be the motivating factor for field trips, but sometimes, they can be just for fun. Do you include field trips in your school year? What are some of your favorite destinations? If you live in Tennessee, here is a list of some

New Developments with TSSAA and Homeschoolers

On March 11, 2015 the TSSAA Legislative Council voted to revise the Home School Rule in their Bylaws. So, what exactly do these new changes mean for homeschoolers? Read our full article over at Homeschooling in Williamson County...

Dual Enrollment Offers Great Advantages for High Schoolers!

Homeschooling affords great opportunities for students who wish to earn college credit during their high school years. Dual enrollment allows students to immerse themselves in real college courses, getting a head start on a post-secondary education while still at home and under their parents’ guidance. Dual enrollment can also result in financial savings over the

Apply for TN Promise Today!

Tennessee High School seniors are eligible for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, which offers two years of free tuition at any community college or college of applied technology in the state. There are few requirements to be eligible for this program, but the first requirement is that you MUST apply for the program by November 1.