Forget Sleepaway, Here’s Camp To-Stay

Forget Sleepaway, Here's Camp To-Stay (a COVID-conscious alternative to summer camp)   When you ask kids about their favorite things to do in the summer, you can often predict some of the items on their lists. Swimming, eating snow cones, having cookouts, and of course, taking a break from school. Another activity that many kids

Take a deep breath. Homeschooling is not a destination you have to reach on a specific date or in a specific way. It is not a goal you have to run toward until you finally arrive. You don’t have to have a perfect plan for every year. You don’t have to have it all set

Teacher of the Year – 2020

It is with great pride that we announce the 2020 TEACHER OF THE YEAR: Natacha Trammell! Taylor - Age 11: My mom is the best teacher ever because, My mom fought in the United States Army. She received an amputation of her left arm. She also developed a nerve disease because of the IED explosion

I’m Not A Homeschooler

I graduated from public school. I never considered homeschooling. I never wanted to homeschool. But there I was, left with no other option. Well, at least no good one.  I had questions. EVERYONE had answers. But they were all different. Don’t get me wrong, they all meant well but it was SO overwhelming. Do this

Digital Discovery: Utilizing Support Through Internet Resources

60 years since the inception of the internet, you can now live completely via the web and never actually deal with anyone but the delivery man. It is a little scary how digitally dependent we have become. But for all the negatives that being online may bring us, it has opened so many positive opportunities. 

Homeschooling In A Hurry

When you suddenly find yourself homeschooling your children due to situations beyond your control, it may be overwhelming to even know where to begin. First, take a deep breath! No matter the age of your child, there are some wonderful options available that will make your transition from institution to home a smooth one, whether

“But You’re Not Awkward At All!” – Confronting The Stereotype

If anyone was set up to be an awkward homeschooler, it was probably me.  I lived at least 20 minutes from the nearest Dollar General and a good hour from a bowling alley or mall. We bought most of our essentials in bulk, not because we had a large family but because we couldn’t just

Live Life Abundantly: Encouragement from a Homeschool Mom

I just took a quick look at Rebecca Spooner’s curriculum, Gather Round Homeschool. In her intro, the author says something so important that I really wanted to share with you guys: She says she heard that homeschooling was hard. That this was normal. I’m paraphrasing here, but that’s the general idea. She thought it had

HLA Family Storybook: From Foster to Family

Over the past 13 years, my husband and I have had over 40 foster children. We've had two biological children and a special needs adoption from China. We never planned on adopting any more children, but one of our foster children was completely abandoned. We had taken her in at 10 months, but once she

Motivational Monday: Newbie Edition – Week 10

Enjoy Homeschooling! This 10-week series has been fun to write and hopefully has been helpful for new homeschooling families to read. We have received a few messages stating how much this series has helped families realize the joy of homeschooling and given them practical advice to be implemented in their own routines, and we are