Lost Your Homeschool Spirit? Get It Back!

Summer vacation was a blast. You would not mind going back to those warm and sunny days. September came sooner than you wanted, but now it is here and time to start school. The only problem is somewhere over the summer, you lost your homeschool spirit. Now, you have got to figure out how to

HLA Announces its 2019 Teacher of the Year

Homeschool teachers are special people who give their all to the students they teach. There is no one better than their students to praise their worthiness as candidates for the HomeLife Academy (HLA) Teacher of the Year Award. For the past several years, HLA staff and counselors have had the opportunity to meet so many

uTeach Program Policy

Please refer to the following information regarding the uTeach option of Archway. Please remember that you must be an ACTIVE HomeLife Academy family in good standing to remain enrolled in Archway classes. One (1) credit courses have approximately 10 units.   Half (. 5) credit courses have approximately 5 units.   Lessons and quizzes

Payment Options

If you need to enroll, you will be able to choose from one of the following options:       OPTION 1 - Need a few more days to pay? We recommend that you go ahead and ENROLL NOW . Choose Send an Invoice. You will have 10 days from the date of invoice to make payment or

NBB: Spend Your Summer Learning God’s Word

The National Bible Bee (NBB) Summer Study program is a fun and educational way for your children to spend their summer months in God’s Word. The vision of the NBB is “to know God’s Word and make him known.” Each year, children from across the nation bring that vision to life with their participation in

Easy Ways to Fit Physical Activity Into Your Day

Physical activity (ex: P.E.) is an area many homeschoolers fail to include in their daily schedule. Math, science and literature often take precedence over spending 15 minutes taking a walk or a few minutes stretching after sitting for a long school day. Physical activity is just as important as the mental activity your child performs

Fun Ways to Keep Learning this Summer

If you homeschool on a traditional schedule, which is usually August or September to May, the summer time is sacred to not only your children, but to you. It is the big reward of two to three months off from anything school and replacing it with nothing but a whole lot of fun. Well, it

“Clean House” Doesn’t Have to be an Oxymoron for Homeschoolers

We all know time and energy are precious commodities.  Whether you’re a homebody or someone who is out & about everyday, finding both time and energy to clean the house can be challenging.  Add to that difficult seasons such as buying and selling your home, illness, pregnancy, taking care of a loved one or working a

Students: Share Your Best Fall Photo and Win!

We are excited to announce our fall photo contest, open to all HomeLife students! Send us your best photo that captures what YOU love about the season, and you could win $25! Entries should be submitted to bekah@homelifeacademy.com NO later than Wednesday, November 5th. Please include your full name and birthday in the email. This

Strategizing for High School with Goal-Based Planning Sheets

By Lani Carey, High School Counselor   ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS – This month I, Lani Carey, would like to discuss how to use the Planning Sheets in the High School section of our website to plan out your student's high school education. When your student enters the ninth grade, or transfers to HomeLife Academy

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