There is nothing better than having a choice in how we educate our children. One of the reasons HomeLife Academy (HLA) exists is to support parents who choose to home educate. National School Choice Week (NSCW) is celebrated every year in January. Since 2011, the focus during the week has been to raise public awareness of the number of education options available to children from preschool through high school.

Homeschooling is not the only education option being spotlighted during the week. Other styles of education like magnet schools, online learning/virtual schools, private schools, public charter schools and traditional public schools are also being given attention as options parents are choosing for educating their children.

One manner of education is not being promoted as better than the other. Instead, it is really an opportunity to celebrate all of the options parents have when choosing the best educational path for their child. NSCW is now “the world’s largest celebration of opportunity in education.”

During the week, individuals, organizations and schools are encouraged to promote the period through events that celebrate the various education options. The hope is to also bring awareness to the need for more positive educational opportunities for children. NSCW continues to be a neutral and not a political event, gathering support from government leaders on all sides of the spectrum.

Since its creation, NSCW has been celebrated by more than 50,000 events domestically and internationally. The right to make education options for our children is one valued by people around the world. In 2016, there were more than 16,000 events held in support of NSCW. Along with 9,600 types of schools participating, over 1,000 events focused on the option to homeschool. Each year, the number of parents choosing homeschooling continues to grow.

This year, NSCW will be recognized January 21-27 around the world. HLA is celebrating NSCW Monday, January 22, through Friday, January 26, with giveaways, a live event and registration discount. During that week, use promo code SCW18 to receive 20 percent off on your 2018/2019 school registration.

There are a number of other ways for you to show your support of NSCW. Many families will gather at their state capitols. You may even get your children involved and plan an event. Some ideas include art contests, pep rallies, open houses, talent shows and more. You may also learn the official NSCW dance to present at your event. NSCW will post the video on YouTube of you performing the dance. If you do plan an event in your area, HomeLife Academy would love for you to share the information and pictures with us from your event.

Visit and like the HLA National School Choice Week event page to learn more about the upcoming HLA celebration. Also, like the HLA Facebook page to keep up with other HLA happenings.

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