Certificate of Completion

  • Certificates are ideal for those students who need to work on basic life skills. These students would typically NOT be able to live as independent, working adults.
  • These students should be listed in the HLA account as Special Education instead of a specific grade level. The student’s grade level in Applecore would be listed as SE instead of a specific grade level.
  • The student’s Education Plan is completely adaptable to the need of the student.  
  • These students do not have to worry about satisfying typical high school coursework since a diploma will not be issued.
  • Grades should be reported as non-credit courses (same as for grades K-8th) and can be issued based on established goals. Grades can be given for life skills and other areas the parent feels the student needs.
  • Examples of courses taken under this plan of study include but are not limited to the following: Life Skills, Physical Therapy, SpeechTherapy, Phonics, Penmanship, PE, Art, Basic Math, Music or other skills or areas of interest to the student.
  • A certificate will be awarded once the parent determines the student is ready for the certificate.
  • The student must be at least 18 years old. Students can stay longer if necessary to complete a certificate.
  • You can request the Certificate by logging into myHLA page and using the Request Manager. Please specify that you are requesting a Certificate of Completion and include the student’s name. No senior fee is required.