by Connor Adams, HLA Student Intern

HomeLife Tutorial is a program under HomeLife Academy (HLA) where homeschoolers come to the location it is held and take classes with other students. Last year, the tutorial was held at Calvary Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. This year, it is at a different location and has changed a lot. Tutorial classes are now held at the HLA office in Jackson.

Picture by Connor Adams.

“Welcome to HomeLife Tutorial” is the greeting you see when entering the tutorial area that is full of color and decoration. Colorful furniture and quotes on the walls quickly catch your eyes and add to the awe. As you look throughout the room, you see “The Book Nook”, which is the little library and “The Commons”, a little area where students may gather. If you keep walking, you see “The Lab”, a room where students conduct all of their science experiments. To the right, is “The Studio”, for art students to work on all types of projects. By “The Studio is “The Hall”, where future mathematicians work on their “possible jobs”. If you go to the end of the building on the right, you will see “The Classroom”, where the elementary classes are held.

Picture by Connor Adams.

Most classes meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, with the exception of a few that meet on Fridays. When students arrive, the elementary students go to their class area while the middle school and high school students take their seats in the middle of the room. As this year has kicked off with a great start, students have gotten a hang of it all and are having a blast!

Since school has started, the schedules have been a great help and students have adjusted to the changes. Everyone has made new friends and renewed their friendships with their friends from last year. Students have even taken up the task to help plan and set up and work at tutorial events and those not related to the tutorial. One of those events includes HLA’s annual Fall Festival, which is held at the Jackson office for the whole community.

All of the classes have been fun and interesting along with the interaction among the students that has been helpful for studying, good for socializing, and just having conversation and great for having fun! With great teachers and a new location with a new system, this year has been a new, great adventure. It has been a wonderful year so far and many cannot wait for the rest of the school year to get here.

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