The HLA Christmas party has become an annual celebration for us including the cookie swap, staff gifts, and, of course… white elephant! One year we had someone bring a literal white elephant. Who was that? Andrew Shreeve???  It’s always a great time together. And this year, with so many new staff in Jackson, TN, and a new location at the Shreeve “Ranch,” it’s sure to be a blast.

For me it’s just SO incredibly refreshing to see what the Lord has done, and how He continues to provide for us. Truly, though we go through trials and struggles, our God is a mighty fortress and a strong tower. Christmastime is a lot of things to a lot of people. But to God it’s no different than any other time of the year — HE is always our deliverer through Jesus Christ our Lord! And we the main thing we come together to do is Praise Him!

I love seeing everyone in the same room, or at least everyone who can make it. We always miss you guys down in FL, and others here in TN that cannot make it. (Maybe we can get the video conferencing worked out this time!) But know that we LOVE all the wonderful staff God has sent us. And we are SO excited about the new year ahead.

See you tomorrow night.

… and I hope I don’t get stuck with a sauna suite from the Dollar Store. But we’ll see.