What many people do not realize is that homeschoolers are so easy. We are real easy to please when it comes to gifts, because we think beyond the traditional gift and are satisfied with items that may not (or may) otherwise appeal to the non-homechooler. If you have a homeschooler on your Christmas list, this is a good read for you. Purchasing a Christmas gift for the family could end up being a blessing for them that lasts for years to come.

Gift Subscription
A subscription for an online resource can open the door to a variety of subjects; provide material for multiple grade levels and be a whole lot of fun. Some subscriptions include, which offers access to compete curriculum for a full year of school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. CTC Math is a comprehensive online math tutor that is not Common-Core aligned and allows students access to multiple grade levels of study. Reading Eggs is another great one. If you do not know anything about it, just ask any child who has used the program. It is fun, fun and more fun with a lot of learning along the way to reading literacy.

Gift Membership
If you are buying a gift for someone who likes to get out of the house, consider season tickets to the symphony or theatre, a membership to a museum or science center, or a local gym in their area. Homeschoolers like to expand their minds as well as need to exercise their bodies.

Gift Books and Curriculum
Homeschoolers love bookshelves and the bound items (books) that go on them. Giving the gift of the complete series of a favorite read or even buying the next level of curriculum for a school year will go a long way. This will especially be a valuable gift for families that have more than one child who will probably enjoy reading some of the same books their siblings did. It will also be helpful to parents who have found a curriculum that works well for their family and wants to continue through to the next level, as well as use it for their younger children.

Gift Tools/Gear
Sometimes, all a scientist, artist or the next sports phenom really needs is the right tool or gear. A microscope, a music instrument, a set of quality paint brushes, a new pair of running shoes or gear for an annual sports league can be just a part of developing character. They can also be the pieces that lead a path to a successful career or ministry.

Gift Classes
Although much of school may occur at home, homeschoolers do use outside resources to further their education. There are classes at tutorials, music lessons, art classes, athletic training and dual enrollment courses. There are also a number of online classes students may take at home like photography, computer programming and even a foreign language. Homeschoolers love learning and the more classes that are available to them, the more opportunities they have to increase their knowledge.

Gift Registration
Consider paying for one year (or more) of tuition for a homeschool family.

With just one week until Christmas, these ideas may help you be able to cross some names off of your list and be a help for future gift-giving to a homeschool family.

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