HLA Middle and Early High School Counselor Margie Abbitt and her family have always been thankful for their blessings. A simple piece of fruit, an orange, not only had the ability to keep them healthy, but was a regular reminder of their blessings, no matter how small.

Stockings were a big deal at our house as we never really knew how much else would be under the tree. I always put an orange in each stocking every year, because I had read somewhere, years ago, that if a child got an orange for Christmas they considered themselves very blessed. Sickness in children was very common and the vitamin C in even one orange could make a difference. We take so much for granted – how blessed we are with the accessibility of food and many other things. I taught my children that when they found that orange in their stocking, to count their blessings.

My children are all grown now and when we get together for Christmas, I still have a stocking for each one of them, including the grandchildren now. And they always look for the orange and remind each other how blessed we have been and continue to be.

This family tradition prompted a friend of mine to give me the movie Christmas Oranges. You may enjoy it too. ~ Margie Abbitt

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