HLA homeschool mom Shannon Shultz shares a Christmas memory from her childhood that has remained with her over the years. She has continued the tradition with her children. A true testament that special times spent with family have a strong impact on our children.

Picture courtesy of Shannon Shultz.

During my childhood, there was one Christmas that remains clear in my mind. Instead of a tree, that year we chose to put a baby doll, surrounded by hay, in a wooden rocking cradle that had been passed through the generations. We wrapped lights around our manger and as the weeks drew closer to Christmas, the presents surrounding our ‘Jesus’ grew.

In an effort to give our girls a similar experience, we create our own manager with a borrowed baby doll and a basket of hay. I print small pieces of paper kept next to the manager that read, ‘Jesus, I give you. . . ‘ Every day during Advent, we bring prayerful gifts of the heart to our King. What more could our King, who owns everything desire? Isn’t it our fellowship, admiration, praise and love what He ultimately seeks? ~ Shannon Shultz

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